Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Might as well jump!


Two “Southsiders” & three of “the other side of the river” guys showed up this fine morning.


Mosey to front of school for the start of a jumping good time!

25 SSH

15 Alt. Shoulder Taps

25 LBC

20 Crabcakes

20 Dancing Chilcutt **New & Wilson Wife approved**

Mosey around school to football field

For……….The BEAST. David Lee Roth Style!

1st Round – David Lee Roth Burpee(DLRB) – add a siccor kick at the end/Dive Bomber

2nd round – DLRB/Squat Jumps

3rd round – DLRB/Travolta (6 each side)

4th round – DLRB/Imperial Walker

5th round – DLRB/LBC

6th round – DLRB/Mountain CLimbers

6 MOM – Various exercises – I forgot & was not on weinke…….


YHC struggled early on with caidence and recovered quickly! Some early mumble chatter was quickly quieted during the beast.

YHC continues to get closer to the full burpee beast. Got 36 total done today! Been in a Van Halen mood lately so decided to add some old school kicks in the burpees.

Felt is was an ok workout until I heard Toga say he almost lost it (splashed some merlot) near the 3rd round I believe. In his defense, he led the entire beast! Feather in YHC hat!

The siccor kicks were……well pathetic. At least we all jumped in some form at the end of burpee.

Nice work today fellas! See even David Lee Roth is amazed!



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  1. Nicely done gents. I fully expect one of our PAX will come to a workout dressed like David Lee Roth.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Wilson, great Q! Enjoyed the workout. By my count, we did 108 total David lee Roth burpees. Full beast of burpees would be 216. That’s a lot of burpees!

  3. WTH is a “siccor” kick?! The Beast is mean enough without burpees. Well done!

  4. TYA. Thanks for the correction. Now I know why BT waited until after work to publish! t just got in the way of doing my backblast and caused an error. LOL that’s my excuse!

  5. I wanted to start singing Hot for Teacher, but I couldn’t spare the breath. Good work Wikson!