Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Glory- Round 2 (Happy Dipping Birds?)


14 faithful arrived at No Toll prepared for a muggy beatdown and the second iteration of Old Glory.


Mosey from shovel flag(s) to back parking lot for a recap of the Old Glory workout.  Start with 1 mile run around the entire complex (2 laps).  Then, loops of 4 stations at the corners of the AO:

Station 1: Merkins x 20

Station 2: Jump Squats x 20

Station 3: Burpees x 10

Station 4:  WWII Situps x 20

Complete as many loops as possible before 6 am, then gather to to run another mile around the complex.  A quick 5 MOM with:

Russian Twists x 18

Dr W x 15 (WWF approved)

Flutter Kicks x 20

LBC x 30

Return to Shovel Flag(s) for COT.  Lugnut took us out.


YHC was looking forward to the second coming of Old Glory with excitement and a little anxiety given the fact that he has been out the last week and a half.  The beautiful thing about the Old Glory workout (again, thanks to Tradition in Charlotte-MECA)  is that it is a simple way to measure progress month to month, and with our BRR crew in full stride YHC can’t wait to see the results next month!  Lots of folks were new to Old Glory because Sippy was putting them through the paces out in the trails during the inaugural workout last month.

As much as YHC likes the Old Glory workout, it is hard to keep up with mumble-chatter because the PAX gets spread out.  However, he did hear comments that some of the PAX started resembling Happy Dipping Birds during the later rounds of jump squats.  We may need to call the Minister of Form (aka Conspiracy) to task for allowing the form infractions!  But first, we need to get him an alarm clock or something comparable to get him “regular” and on time.  The sprinklers were unfortunately not active this morning to cool us off on the back passes, but given the smell in recent weeks at the AO, maybe that’s a good thing.  Swirly continues to impress with 3 loops completed, and there were 4 changes at the lead to carry the flag. Sippy blistered it with 3.25 completed.  Nice work, men!  YHC hopes to carry it one day as well.  The results (loops completed) are below.  If anything below is incorrect, let me know.  And remember, it’s YOU v. YOU!

F3 Name                                              6/23/15                      7/28/15

Splinter                                                 3.0                             2.75

Wilson                                                  3.0                              2.75

Honey-Do                                             2.5                              —

Ricky Bobby                                         2.5                               2.5

Lockjaw                                                2.75                            —

Brain Tumor                                          2.75                           2.75

Conspiracy                                               —                             2.75**

Bleeder                                                   —                             2.75

Sippy Cup                                                —                             3.25

Oyster                                                     —                             2.25

Grizzly                                                     —                             2.5

DK                                                            —                             2.75

Swirly                                                      —                             3.0

TYA                                                          —                             2.75

Lugnut                                                     —                             2.5

Loose Goose                                           —                             2.75


**Conspiracy was so gassed at the end that he had no idea how many loops he completed, so YHC guessed.

Wed at SOT

Thu at 45MOM

Fri RAMM will be running hills in TYA’s neighborhood, then coffee and a foot rub at his house afterwards.

Stay strong, men!  AYE!





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  1. As always, I loved it today! Pretty sure the extra 10 lbs of sweat in my clothes was a good step towards wearing a weight vest. Great job!

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Thanks bt. Lots of fun… Great to chase after the flag going around the field at the end.