Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bringing back the classics


11 posted for some unexpected, cooler weather at DogPile.  People posted in the usual order with the typical LIFOs from Conspiracy and Chum, but we all got right to it.  It went something like this:

Thang:  Run by Carillon and circle the field in front till we got back to the traffic circle.  COP: 25 SSH, 15 merkins, 20 Don Quixote, something else…

Mosey to amphitheater for the bunny hop= repeat hopping up steps and then running down for 1 minute.  Next, assume decline merkin position on the step you’re at then shuffle 10x right, 10x left, and complete 10 derkins.  Recover and do the bunny hop for another minute.  Repeato 4x

Mosey to the fence outside the pump house and then back up to the pull-up bars.  Complete 8 pull-ups, 10 dips, and 12 WWII situps: repeato 3x then run back down to the fence and back up.  LBC,  and V-ups while waiting on the 6.

Mosey to the Carillon for another hopping good time (hopping.., get it?  I crack myself up sometimes).  Hop up Carillon steps on one side, lunge across top, run down, and complete 10, 4 count flutters by the planters.

Mosey to the circle for a reintroduction of SHEHATEME.  The PAX repeated 10 lunges, 10 old school burpees (sans merkin), and 10 merkins for 4 minutes.

Mosey to SF for COT.

NMM:  Toga was feeling a bit nostalgic today, so we used some of the best that others gave us in the past.  The hopping and plank fun in the amphitheater and Carillon came from our West coast brother, Orville.  Running down the pipe and back for pull-ups came Sippy Cup.  SHEHATEME came from something I read, tried once, and didn’t remember it till going through the lexicon.  There were plenty of items of note:

  • Special welcome to FNG Mike Lawrence, now Aisle 5.  Strong showing for an around the AO kind of workout.
  • It’s getting harder and harder to bring up “burpee” around the PAX.  The variations and derivation of the exercise always brings lots of chatter.  YHC would ditch it totally if wasn’t such a great exercise.
  • YHC got a little turned around the first time we hit the trail, but we corrected it after 50 yards.  It wasn’t like we were Swirly lost.
  • Chum Bucket noted the appropriate use of Don Quixote since The Man of La Mancha was running at the amphitheater.
  • Turns out Bleeder’s knee therapy includes lots of bunny hops.  Rename to Peter Cotton Tail should be considered.
  • Uptown Girl later asked if I knew how many disparaging things were said about me by the PAX.  YHC said it was natural and simply appropriate chatter from the PAX.., at least Toga tells himself that late at night when the demons come out.
  • Loose Goose likes to hop all the steps.  Point taken and will be fixed going forward.
  • Hilarious that Wilson was going to double dip and then didn’t show!

Announcements:  Regular workouts, check the Q schedule, 0700 trail run from the pump house tomorrow, 9/20 RVA F3 Convergence is coming.., get ready!


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  1. Solid Q, @Toga. I was hurting this morning after too much pizza, Ray’s custard, and a couple of glasses of wine last night, not to mention no boot camps for the past week. Thanks for the trial by fire/reintroduction

  2. Toga it appears listening isn’t a strong suite yesterday. Maybe less time listening to demons and cracking yourself up! Aisle 5’s hospital name is Muchael Lawrence Nojaim. I never committed to double dip. I believe I clearly stated I missed the double dip and would get back after my daughter did her volunteer crap! You should try it once. You might like it. Nice beatdown. I will think twice before going to the trail run after a Toga Q! I’m tapped!