Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to Monument Avenue


8 strong and eager PAX set out on this humid Richmond morning.

The Thang:

Following Marv’s lead, we ventured back to Monument Avenue to hit one on the better running routes in Richmond.  4 Loops mapped out, 3, 4, 5, and 6 miles.  All loops head North on Commonwealth until you reach Monument, turn right on Monument.  Turnaround points are Thompson for 3, Sheppard for 4, Davis for 5 and Allen for 6.  After turning around head back to Commonwealth, turn left and back to the shovel flag for the finish.


Great run today, but two strange things at the beginning of the run.  First, when YHC turned the corner onto Commonwealth, I did not see the familiar car of Swirly.  He is always the first one to arrive and is usually warming up on the track before the run.  A vacation has him out of town this week.  Second, since we knew Sippy was also out of town, we were not looking across the street for that familiar headlamp moving towards the start of the run.  Gentlemen, we missed you both out there this week.  Look forward to you being back in the fold next week!

Toga was a FIFO this week.  Toga needed to get his long run in this morning so he arrived at the AO at 445 to start his run and joined us at the flag for 530.  He put in a total of about 10 miles but had to leave before the COT so he could get home to allow his wife to get out and exercise.

Three PAX had the same Brooks running shoes on this morning.  Marv, Circle K, and Fudd (I think), all had the same brand, style and color of running kicks on.  Given the number of brands, styles and colors that is highly unlikely.  I am sure Splinter can do the math on how likely that would be in a random selection of runners?

Circle K was a FRNG today.  He and The Scream opted for the four mile loop.  Both acquitted themselves well making it back to the shovel flag first.  YHC was in hot pursuit of BT and Toga on the way back to the flag, but could not make it before we got to the flag (I am not sure If I had another 50 miles i would have caught them…but hope springs eternal).  Fudd and Saab ran together today.  I think Fudd is trying to replace himself on the BRR.  Would love to have Saab on the team, but I will be sorely disappointed if Fudd is not part of the team.

COT and out into the day to take the world on….


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Thanks for a great run guys. Look forward to next week and a new route?

  2. Great run. Marv left us like a drunk prom date and didn’t look back. Strong work, Marv. And kudos to Toga, who caught me on mile 4 (his mile 9).