Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Happy 4th Beatdown


6 Faithful were joined by 2 LIFO’s in a Forth of July Firework set up Dogwood Dell.


Mosey to COP
20x SSH
20x Don Quixote
20x Imperial Walkers
20x SBS
15x Arm rotations
15x Arm rotations

Mosey to the World War I Monument( The Carillion)

Steps with 10x Merkins and 10x World War II sit ups

5 sets

Mosey to the Pull up Bars, 5 pull ups, 10 Dips, 15 Pole smokers

5 sets, with a run to Carillion between each.

Mosey to the VITA Track,
Alternating intervals 5 burpees, 10 LBC’s

One loop of the Track,

Mosey back to COP for a Bear Crawl to a Ring of Fire.

Mosey to Shovel Flag



Swirly reported seeing the GORUCK crowd heading out of Dogwood Dell just before 0600. He was wondering if a whole new group of F3er’s were going to join in the 4th of July beatdown.

Several Members of the PAX are heading to various regions of the Outer Banks, in a related development Shark week starts tomorrow. Chum Bucket seems to be the only individual that was willing to venture into the water next week. YHC thinks his Plan for swimming is best illustrated below.

For those still in townNext week, Fudd in joining the Folks that have Q’d the Punisher, be prepared to run!

TYA is leading a BRR run Sunday Morning 7am.
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