Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Setting the Baseline


Dateline: Richmond, VA
Gloom, humidity, good cheer, and 16 men ready to get better, faster, and stronger came together this morning at 45 Minutes of Mary. 15 faithful and 1 FNG put some more wear on the still-new track while pondering what “The Lucky Horseshoe” means. This is the recap.

Mosey around the soccer fields to far corner of the field

SSH x20
Merkins x12
Imperial Walkers x20
Freddie Mercurys x21
Russian Soldiers x22

Mosey back to the shovel flag area.

The Lucky Horseshoe: Do the below until you finish or Q tells you to stop at the 33 minute mark.

Lap 1 around the field marked by the footballs and frisbee.
Lap 2
MericansX20, Storm SquatsX20
Lap 3
MericansX20, Storm SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20
Lap 4
MericansX20, Storm SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, WW2 SitupsX20
Lap 5
MericansX20, Storm SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, WW2 SitupsX20, LungesX20
Lap 6
Storm SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, WW2 SitupsX20, LungesX20
Lap 7
Scorpion Dry DocsX20, WW2 SitupsX20, LungesX20
Lap 8
WW2 SitupsX20, LungesX20
Lap 9

COT & record how far each PAX made it in The Lucky Horseshoe. A few spoken prayer requests and a word of thanks to God for our great country that we celebrate on Independence Day this weekend.

– Dogpile shirts available for order until July 7. Get yours while you can! (at the F3 Gear Store link at top of the page here)
– Richmond F3 MeetUp group has been set up by @Toga. We need PAX to join the group and indicate you’re coming. Looks kind of lame to people when @Toga and @Loose Goose are the only PAX who are attending a workout. LINK TO THE GROUP
– Qs needed for:
*Gridiron 7/4
*Punisher 7/6
*SOT 7/8
*45MOM 7/9
*Dogpile 7/11
*Gridiron 7/11
(and most thereafter)

Welcome and Kudos to @FNG Misty! Tough workout to be your first, but it is truly good to have you aboard. @Doner Kebab was a great host — stick with him and you’ll be fine.

Welcome back to @Razor for your 2nd workout! Excellent job holding your own, and well-deserved “RESPECT!” in the COT.

Today’s Lucky Horseshoe was mostly the same as the one we did on June 4. Now that we have a track, the distance is truly 400 meters, as measured by @Conspiracy last week. The purpose of doing this today is to get a baseline via a type of fitness test. You WILL get better, faster, and stronger. YHC’s intention is to do the Lucky Horseshoe once/month so that we can tangibly and quantifiably see our progress as we improve.

Since that June 4 workout, YHC has been contemplating the origin of the name “The Lucky Horseshoe.” It was passed along to me from @Cato and @The Nanny from Highlands AO in Charlotte and they had some ideas about the name, but YHC is not so certain that they fully know. Today, around lap 6, YHC realized what it is… The 33 minute time limit on the workout must be taken from Rolling Rock’s “mysterious (lucky?) 33”. Even if it wasn’t, this Lucky Horseshoe thing at least has a parallel because nobody seems to know where it came from.

Carrying on the “you against you” theme, enjoy interpreting your own handwriting in the picture here to compare against your improved results next month.


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  1. @LooseGoose. The Lucky Horseshoe strikes again. Nice! I think the graphical representation of the lucky horseshoe in the email I sent you leveraging video game graphics from the early 80s hit the mark. I don’t know why you’re still looking for the answer to “what is the lucky horseshoe.” Have 33 rolling rocks, and it will all make sense.

  2. @The Nanny – I forgot to ask if you came up with that video game graphics thing on your own. Quite creative, but still not so sure it hit the mark. When are you coming to Richmond to join us for a workout?

  3. @Loose Goose When someone…anyone….anyone….finishes a victory lap of the lucky horseshoe. That should buy me months of time….

  4. @The Nanny – No prob. Better pack your bags ’cause you’re gonna be making a trip up sooner than you think. @Loose Goose, can we run it again next week?