Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Everyone beats Sippy Cup!!!


70 and sunny in RVA today….really it was 70 and sunny, great day for a run.  Eleven strong and fast posted in the gloom to take on the roads of richmond.

The Thang:

Everyone run towards Cary, to Westmoreland, then to Grove.  Right on Grove.  2 mile loop, turn around at Thompson, 3 mile loop , turnaround at Belmont, 4 mile loop, turn around at Stafford, 5 mile loop, turn around at Allen, 6 mile loop turnaround at Linden.  All run back to intersection of Grove and Commonwealth, left on Commonwealth and back to the shovel flag.


YHC started the day with one goal in mind, don’t get caught by Sippy Cup on the way back to the shovel flag.  Little did I know that  every single PAX member would make it back to the flag before Sippy.   Goal accomplished, Sippy humbled….or maybe not.  He did make beating him a little easy as he was still in the fartsack (or at work) while we were putting in the miles.  Maybe some other time, I will make it back before him while he is out there with us.

Johnsonville had a little excursion to the hospital on his run this morning.  We tried a new route which took us all the way down Grove to VCU, past Retreat Hospital.  With no Starbucks in sight, Johnsonville stopped at Retreat to check out their facilities.  He reports that they have the cleanest bathroom’s he has been in.  Heard during the mumble chatter after the workout: “yeah, the hospital is so clean you could probably do surgery in it”.  Jville took the pit stop but still completed the six mile loop.

Great to have an out of town visitor today as Mini-Me joined us from F3-Isotope.  He and Loose Goose kept the mumble chatter going during the entire run.  YHC was a few feet ahead of them the whole run and heard, but did not participate in the second F.  At one point LG asked me to point out where the 4 mile turnaround was.  I kinda forgot (not) to tell him when we hit four and did remember when we turned around at the five mile point.  OOPS.  Mini-Me will hopefully join us again on his next trip to RVA.

Marv was on fire today…doing the six mile loop and getting back pretty early.  Saab and Toga spent a good portion of the run together doing the six mile loop as well.  Smoggy, Cousteau, and Swirly led the five mile group all along.

Cousteau posted sporting a mustache (porn-stache) today.  YHC walked over to Cousteau and introduced himself to him because I did not recognize him with the stache.  I am not one to comment on another man’s looks….but, the stache has to go!

See you in the gloom next week.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great day for a run this morning. Weather was favorable and we had a good group of men out there to tackle the routes. Thanks to Mini-me for posting from F3-Isotope. Always good to have an F3 brother at an RVA workout.

  2. It sounded like a good morning for a fast run. Sorry to disappoint you, TYA–we were in western VA for a little vacation. I will be there next Friday, though, if you want to try the same type of “race.” Truth be told–Saab has been beating me regularly the last few weeks.