Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sippy Cup leads the PAX up and down those hills!


In attendance (22!)
22 faithful and a newspaper reporter gathered on a surprisingly sunny morning for the YHCs VQ. On the agenda—trails and hills and a few merkins along the way.
30x SSH
25x LBCs
25x Imperial walkers
15x Merkins
25x Slow bending squats

Start with feet at center of circle, 5 merkins, flip over, backwards crabwalk to edge of circle, flip over, 5 merkins, crawl bear back to center of circle. Repeat 4x.

Mosey to down to the pump house

Hill runs #1—the pump house
Partner up. 1 partner runs up hill to the street while other partner does sumo jump squats. Flapjack and Repeat

Hill runs #2—the Pipe
Partner up. #1 runs up the pipe hill and back to the street via the trails while #2 does a repeated 2 merkin curb crawl on a single curb.
Flapjack and Repeat

Hill Runs #3 Street to pullup bars
OYO Run up pipe hill all of the way to the pullup bars. 10x chin ups, 10x down under pullups, and 20x mountain climbers. Run back downhill.
Repeat, but switching grip on the chin/pullups.

Mosey to the flag via the hidden staircase.


The PAX arrived early for the workout today and planted 5! shovel flags, a strong showing. Even Chum Bucket was a few minutes early. No doubt we wanted to have an impressive show for the reporter. Toga’s appearance was surprising. Evidently his camping trip was cancelled due to “rain.” Tclaps to J’ville for making the effort to come to #Dogpile even though he was Q for the gridiron workout right after. Conspiracy was a LIFO and somehow tracked us down in the woods.

There was a fair bit of mumblechatter during the initial Crab-CrawlBear-Merkin exercise. Evidently the PAX had expected to start out the workout with more running. YHC was happy to oblige! And the PAX responded impressively.

YHC’s GPS watch read over 3.1 miles for the workout, and he estimates that over 80% of that was on a slope. That’s kind of like running a 5K up and down a mountain in addition to doing all of the other exercises. Outstanding work, gents!

YHC’s goal for his VQ was to show everyone some new parts of the AO. There are so many possibilities, and YHC is looking forward to seeing how we use this great location to further our fitness.

YHC gives a lot of talks as a part of his job, but it still was quite unnerving leading the COP for the first time—there is something about standing in the middle of a circle with people behind you that’s a bit scary. YHC still needs some tips about knowing how to count out LBCs and still breathe at the same time—tricky!

Although there were no FNGs today, YHC was happy to work out with a few PAX he hasn’t met before—Cowboy, Camper, HoneyDo, Goldberg, and Ronaldo. It was good to see Haggis back with us as well. And specific Tclaps to Chum Bucket today for helping me clean up my signs and loaning me the pen. Also to Toga and TYA for coaching me on how to lead a Q.

Finally, I think we made a good showing for the reporter—let’s hope the article will help us get some more men out to join us at the dogpile!

The predominant emotion today by YHC was gratefulness. I’m so grateful that Wilson, Toga, and others EH’d me a few months ago right during a #Dogpile workout, and I’m looking forward to many more days in the gloom with you all!


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  1. Outstanding VQ, Sippy! Those hills were brutal, and the mix of exercises was right on the money. Pretty sure that the walk from my car to the house was faster than my last “run” up the hill. Can’t wait to see TYA and Bleeder on the front page of RTD’s Sunday edition. Should have peeled the shirt and given the goods for the camera, TYA!

  2. Well done Sippy! I think I saw Toga taking notes on the newly explored AO! I struggled to walk the rest of the day as I got roped into going to Busch Gardens! They have some big hills and at the 1st one I looked at Wilsons wife and said no more hills! She of course just went in until I caught up! Looking forward to surviving the next Sipoy Q!

  3. It occurs to me now that Sippy Cup has been saving this since the day we told him to come workout with us in the winter. He was actually heading down one of those trails with his sippy cup and light when we threw an EH at him. Tremendous VQ/Any Q!

    Thanks to Bleeder for posting.

  4. Yes, the Carillon trails are among my favorite to run, but it was a challenge to figure out how to route people so that they wouldn’t be bumping into each other. I’ve been scoping things out the past few weeks and eventually settled on the routes I used.

    Bleeder, thanks for adding the great picture to the post!

  5. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Sippy, Great Q. Good to see more of the AO and the hill runs were great.

    BT, no one should be forced to see the pure whiteness that is my upper body. I think mass hysteria would have ensued had I de-shirted. I’ll spare the PAX’s eyesight!

  6. Loose Goose on

    I echo the sentiment about the fantastic Q, virgin or otherwise. I look forward to more @Sippy Cup Qs!

  7. Döner Kebab on

    Sad I missed it. I was leaving RVA impressions in CLT (literally with my sweaty RVA mud gear shirt outside of Bank of America Stadium under the panthers).

  8. Meant to log in earlier to say well done @Sippy for your VQ! I went straight home and mowed the lawn because I was afraid to stop moving!

    Also while the trail run was great, just for future reference might want to warn unwary FNGs to look out for the poison ivy along the paths. Haha 😀