Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Goofball makes first appearance in RIC


12 faithful and 2 FNGs at 45 Minutes of Mary hit the ground and did some running in the rainy gloom this morning. Deflated footballs, a yellow frisbee, and a laminated cheat sheet were also in attendance as the men in this PAX got underway to push their limits.

ThE tHanG

Mosey across the tomato-less basketball courts and wrap around to the far corner of the tennis courts




Merkins x10

SSH x20

Goofball x12

Scorpion Dry Dock x15 – switching leg somewhere along the way

Imperial Walkers x20


Mosey to the soccer field


Tunnel of Love: All PAX plank next to each other. One at a time crawl under the rest of the PAX and plank up at the other end. Each PAX goes through 2x


Mosey to the corner of the field near the shovel flag. Surprise, a frisbee! But wait, there’s also a laminated sign (per Bleeder)? Nope, it’s the cheat sheet because there’s a lot to remember for what’s to come…


The Lucky Horseshoe: Do the below until you finish or Q tells you to stop.

  • Lap 1 around the field marked by the footballs and frisbee.
  • MericansX20
  • Lap 2
  • MericansX20, Storm SquatsX20
  • Lap 3
  • MericansX20, Storm SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20
  • Lap 4
  • MericansX20, Storm SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, WW2 SitupsX20
  • Lap 5
  • MericansX20, Storm SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, WW2 SitupsX20, LungesX20
  • Lap 6
  • Storm SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, WW2 SitupsX20, LungesX20
  • Lap 7
  • Scorpion Dry DocsX20, WW2 SitupsX20, LungesX20
  • Lap 8
  • WW2 SitupsX20, LungesX20
  • Lap 9
  • LungesX20
  • Lap 10



CoT (Circle of Trust) – What’s said in the COT stays in the COT. Several prayer requests from the PAX and good fellowship. We get this short time to commune each workout, me, and it’s good for us to support, help, pray for each other.





YHC really enjoyed leading this group of men this morning. The workout was mostly borrowed/stolen from @Kato’s 2nd Anniversary Horseshoe last week in Charlotte. Take a few minutes to read his backblast and click “T-claps” to show your appreciation for him taking the time to put his thoughts down in writing. I look forward to years of continuing to live life alongside the rest of the F3 Richmond PAX, seeing us grow, and develop leadership in our communities. Thanks to those of you who take the time to encourage me, and I am inspired by @Kato to take it as a challenge to see how I can befriend/help/lead others the way that he explains others have done for him. Those are the things that make an impact, brothers, and a demonstration to how we can live the second greatest commandment “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (See Matthew 22:36-40)


Plenty of comments in the first couple of laps about the laminated cheat sheet – is it really laminated, and is it a #Weinke? Why is the #Weinke so big? Can you fit that #Weinke on your wrist, Sir Q? #Mumblechatter halted around lap 3.


Welcome to @FNG FIFA and @FNG Honey Do! Both of you acquitted yourselves well this morning, and we look forward to seeing you regularly. Props to Ronaldo and @Honey Do’s wife for the EH’s.


Suffice it to say that in the Tunnel of Love, some show love differently than others…


These deflated footballs that have been taking up room in YHC’s garage for years have finally found some good purpose, and what happens? SOMEONE STOLE A FOOTBALL WHILE THE PAX WAS HARD AT WORK AT THE OTHER END OF THE FIELD. Perpetrator to be found, or at least YHC hopes the thief has more need of such a thing. Whoever you are, you now have 14 PAX ready to find you and . . . EH you.



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  1. @Loose Goose Great to see the Lucky Horseshoe being thrown in Richmond. It can also represent a great measuring stick (like the Murph) for how your fitness is improving over time.

    Great to see the Richmond pax so healthy after your launch not that long ago. If AO health can be correlated to number of shirt designs in the mud gear store….you guys are healthy as a horse….

  2. Loose Goose on

    Well done today, fellas. I know that workout was a lot of OYO stuff, and in the rain no less! Lots of fun.

    @The Nanny – which shirt did you order?

  3. Brain Tumor on

    Great Q, Loose Goose. And great reminder message of what it’s all about. Aye!