Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

8 minutes to post time


The flame of 8 brave souls could not be put out by a little rain. (curb crawls on the other hand…)


SSH 25x
Mountain Climbers 20x
Don Quixote 20x
Imperial Walkers 20x

Mosey to Bus Loop

Curb Crawl Latter
1-7 7-1

Mosey to Basketball courts bleeder SprintS

Mosey to football field

Teams of 3 or 2
Triple triple check

One team on the tire and rope sledgehammer the tire and jump rope

Others on the line

Lunge down to 50ish run back


Run to 50 U.S. Line 5 burpeea
To the 100 5 more run back

One minute of Mary
30x Freddie Mercury

Mosey back to Shovel Flag

COT by Swirly


Swirly and YHC rolled into SOT early so that YHC could put the tools in place that made the SOT T-shirt famous; LugNut had already arrived and planted the Shovel Flag. The beginning of Summer for some has us out of bed a few minutes earlier for some reason!

Wilson arrived just before the first Mosey to claim that he has only been awake for 8 Minutes. Nice to be that close to the AO.

DK was in rare form, inserting his squat imperial walkers on his own.

Chum Bucket was LIFOing this am, he wished he had stopped for Gas versus arriving in the middle of the Curb Crawls. I can recommend Exxon gasoline products, especially for high performance F3 vehicles that might been running a few minutes late to an AO.

Swirly noticed Splinter was working hard in the Curb Crawls, Splinter you can thank your SOT buddy LugNut for introducing them to the PAX.

On the ride back to north of the River, YHC thought somebody was following him with their brights on; but it was only TYA driving without his shirt on. Even on a dark rainy day, It doesn’t appear that your skin has seen the light of day.


Bring a friend to Saturdays Dogpile, Sippy’s VQ

Order T-shirts, They make the AO that much more enjoyable!


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  1. Just spit coffee on my computer when i read the comment about a shirtless TYA. That’s some funny stuff!

  2. I had to hold back laughter about TYA……now I’m oddly grossed out. Great workout!

  3. Better late than never – Great Q Bleeder !
    Loved the sledge hammer ….