Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I hope Bleeder doesn’t lose his keys


10 motivated and dedicated PAX posted for a beautiful beatdown on this Tuesday morning.  Weather was sunny and 70, perfect for an F3 workout.

The Thang:

Start two minutes late.  Mosey to middle parking lot for a Warmup COP, all exercises in Cadence.  SSH x 20, Merkins x 15, LBC x 35, something else x 20.  Mosey across parking lot towards poles, along the way stop for 5 burpees OYO.  Tom Brady pole smokers x 20.  Mosey to corner of soccer field.  Four corners, first corner 10 merkins, second corner 10 Freddy Mercury, third corner 10 Burpees, 4th corner, 10 Sumo Squats.   OYO AMRAP (Hey how bout that F3 Lingo) in 10 minutes.  Mosey to parking lot.  Four corners in the parking lot, same four exercises, OYO and AMRAP in 10 minutes.  Mosey back towards shovel flag for 6 mintues of Mary, dealers choice, all in Cadence.  Wison’s wife’s spaghetti party x10 on each leg (Swirly), 15x WWII situps (Ricky Bobby), 20 x Rosalita’s (Splinter), 30x LBC (Lugnut)….I am sure I missed one…but I take “respect” excuse.


The PAX all were asking at the beginning who had the Q for the morning.  For those who looked on the spreadsheet it said Johnsonville, but he was no where in site.  YHC had chimed in yesterday that if no-one had the Q today, I would take it, so off we went.  Unfortunately, I did not step up to the plate until two minutes past 530, so the PAX were cheated out of two minutes of workout today.  I will make it up to you all next time.

Several suspicious looking characters were hanging out in the park early morning today.  When Swirly and Wilson showed up first, they noticed the guys and promptly hid their keys, while the suspicious characters were watching, next to their tires.  After having a few minutes to think about it, it was decided that it probably was not a good idea to hide the keys in our usual place today.  As a result, we all put our keys in Bleeder’s trunk for security.  I did not realize until halfway through the workout what a risk we had all taken.  We were all now stuck if Bleeder lost his keys.  Panic set in, but was unwarranted as Bleeder made it through the entire workout with his keys.

Four corners with the sprinklers running made for an interesting (little wet) morning.  On our first pass along the long side of the field, Brain Tumor set the tone and ran right into the stream of water, less than a few feet from its origin.  After having seen that, no one else tried to avoid the water for the rest of the exercises.  YHC got a soaking while doing Burpees on corner 3 the second time through.  Some of the mumble chatter at the end of the workout indicated that the sprinklers gave a needed respite from the heat and humidity of the morning.


Normal workout schedule this week

October 10, the rugged maniac is returning to RVA.  YHC is putting together a group for the event. So far Wilson, Oyster, Bleeder (and family) and TYA (and family) are hard commits.  Let me know if you are interested and I will reserve a slot for you.  Cost is $41.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great to have the opportunity to lead this morning. Great workout guys!

  2. Nice Q. I liked the amount of Mary that was done. Gotta get those summer muscles in shape. I will commit to lapping the PAX on the next 4 corners………great job gents!

  3. Johnsonville on

    Sorry about that guys — thought I was signed up for Q on Friday only. I was way too beat up from Chum Bucket’s Memorial Day gloom-fest to be of any use at all anyway! FEBA

  4. Way to step up and bring it TYA – and thank you Bleeder for allowing us the safety of your trunk and for holding on to your keys….

  5. Döner Kebab on

    Was there a 2nd set of pole smokers…in cadence…or is this my first “respect” moment?