Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Reverse runs….


12 strong posted for a beautiful morning for a run.  PAX continues to take on the challenge and run further and faster every week.

The Thang:

Take a right onto Grove, run to intersection of Grove and Boulevard and turn around.  4 options for distance 4, 5, 6, and 10k+.  For 4 miles run to Grove and Wisteria, 5 miles Grove and Tuckahoe, 6 miles Grove and just past Maple, 10k+ Grove and 3 Chopt.  Reverse direction and back to the shovel flag for all.


Marv showed up and set the early pace on the run.  He started with some giddyup in his step.  Sippy and Marv were together at the first turn around and within spitting distance the entire run.  They both opted for the 10K+ option and completed the loop in just under 45 minutes.  T-claps to both of them for setting the pace for the rest of us.

New PR runs were had by several in the PAX today.  Swirly has now cut his time down to under a 9 minute pace and continues to steadily improve.  Both Bleeder and Lugnut keep taking major chunks of time off in a short period of time.  In the next few weeks I predict they will both be under 10 minutes per mile.

To switch things up today, we ran a new route, going to Boulevard for the first time.  The change in route seemed to change the psychology and dynamics of the run for many.  Always good to change things up and see what happens.

Three LIFO’s today.  Conspiracy and Saab, appeared out of nowhere in the gloom.  They were not there at the start, but caught up with the PAX in the first half mile.  Lugnut was a LIFO on the other side.  He had an early morning family commitment and had to get in his clown car right after he finished his four.  See you all next week in the Gloom.  Great progress by all


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  1. Good Q TYA – I liked the route change – good to mix it up a bit!
    Way to work fella’s great run!