Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where’s Wilson????


Six brave men started the mosey on a BEAUTIFUL morning, then Wilson came rolling in as if he were auditioning to drive for Bleeders race team. Then it became 7!

The Thang:

  • Once Wilson got caught up to the PAX he reversed directions…….yes with Weinkie in hand.
  • Mosey to rear of school for COP. At this point YHC was tying his shoes and did not realize we had TWO FNG’s. Wedding SInger GLADLY pointed this out and started the disclaimer. Once YHC got his bearings straight, it was all about getting started!
    • Burpees – 6 OYO (kind of)
    • SSH – 16
    • Merkans – 16
    • Imperial Walkers – 16
    • Bird Dogs – 16 ( A Wilson Favorite)
    • Forward Arm Circles – 16
    • Backward Arm Circles – 16
  • Mosey around front of school heading to the football field
    • It’s BEAST time – Total 36 per exercise – totalling 108 burpees – 1/2 BEAST
      • 1st exercise BURPEE
      • 2nd exercise BURPEE
      • 3rd exercise BURPEE
    • Short mosey off to a nice grassy area
      • Rotating ring of Fire 1x around
      • Each PAX member chose an exercise.
      • Rules: No repeat and no repeat of body part
      • i.e. Merkan then close grip Merkan
    • Mosey back to flag

The Moleskin:

Here is how it went down today.

  • Wilson was late (about 5 seconds – seems to be a recurring theme), but got caught up and regained the Q from Wedding Singer who assumed the charge.Goose, Lug Nut & Singer were more than happy to start busting YHC’s balls out of the gate. 🙁
  • YHC had intended to bring the serious pain and attempt a full beast of ALL burpees, but decided that the COT was an important time to warm up so no injuries happened. Ok, it was really because I was late.
  • Once the COT was done, the Weinkie went away! Who can;t remember burpees! At one point I heard Wedding Singer cry out for someone to deliver me a Weinkie. Mumble chatter was heard during the Burpee fest from Singer & Lug Nut, but Singer quickly got called out on his form  by YHC!
  • Can’t remember for what reason, but Goose was providing YHC grief (very uncharacteristic – NOT) so, instead of going easy and doing another exercise for the 3rd round we did BURPEES!
  • YHC contiues to try to pack too much into a workout, but will get the hang of it soon…………….
  • Great to see TWO FNG’s today! Welcome Kozar & Clooey & great job by all!
  • TClaps to RIcky Bobby today for pushing the limit! During one of the Burpee sessions, he was quickly approaching Goose to try to claim 1st place.#RESPECT Maybe next burpee session. I hear Ricky Bobby likes to be hard on his equipment and push it hard!
  • See you boys in the gloom!

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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Loved Bernie Kozar…dude’s a little down on his luck these days, though…

  2. Thanks for breaking in my brother (Clooney) the right way…. with Burpees! No other way to say welcome to F3 than burpees. Next time make him spill merlot.