Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ladies, Welcome to the PAX


A PAX of 11 strong posted in the gloom to meet their match:  the ladies.  Probably the most hyped workout ever at F3 RVA, the ladies were hand-picked and harvested specifically to throw down a challenging 60-minute workout.  8 feet in length, and ranging from 3 inches to 8 inches in diameter, these were not your average ladies.  Inspired by Chum Bucket at the F2 a few weeks back, YHC decided to bring every gimmick possible to get the PAX out this AM.


Mosey over to the far circle, navigating around the dell and through tents set up for Arts in the Park

25x SSH
25x IW
10x Push-up to Planks

Mosey over to the near circle.  Waiting for the PAX was Chuck, YHC’s faithful truck.  Plank up on the circle as YHC introduced the PAX’s 7 ladies:  Wilma, Betty, Bertha, Edith, Agnes, Matilda, and Harriet.

The PENTAGON:  5 stations, 8 rounds.  15 seconds of work with 8 seconds of transition to the next.  In pairs

1 – Rock Dance
2 – Push-pull w/ ladies
3 – Sit-ups w/ ladies
4 – Derkin w/ feet on ladies
5 – Truck push

Mosey over to the Dell.  PAX split in half.  Once the groups were done, they switched.

Group A (no ladies) – All exercises ran the width of the Dell and back to start
– Bear crawl, 20 crunches
– Crab walk , 20 flutter kicks
– Sideways bear crawl, 20 Freddie Mercuries
– Lunges, 20 rosalitas

Group B (with the ladies) – All exercises ran the width of the Dell and back to start
– Lady flips end over end , 10 squats
– Lady rolls, 10 merkins
– Lady on shoulder, 10 star jumps
– Sprint (no lady), 10 zippers

Log PT – pair up by height and line up at the edge of the Dell.  With your partner:
– Lady on right shoulder.  Up, over head, down to shoulder, and back x 10
– 10 steps forward
– Lady curls x 10
– 10 steps forward
– Lady shoulder press x 10
– 10 steps forward
– Lady chest press (on the ground) x 10
– 10 steps forward
– Lady sit-ups (on the ground) x 10
– 10 steps forward

Rinse and repeat


There certainly was some hype over the workout.  YHC started by running the shovel flag in to the AO so the PAX couldn’t get a sneak peak at the ladies.  And the PAX stepped up to the challenge.  Great output by all!

The chatter was fairly low today…guess the ladies just took the breath away.  Wilson confessed that he was pushed by pairing up with Garbage Plate on the Log PT.  Great job!  Seek out those who are better.  It’s the only way we get stronger.

Among several new exercises to the workout, the rock dance got some extra TClaps.  PAX paired up, held on to partner’s shoulder and back (like a dance) and had to move them off of the X.  Lots of abs and core involved.  And a couple of stalemates.  Heck of a job today!

Welcome two FNGs to the pack:  Hardywood and Crumpet.  Hardywood was EH’ed by Bleeder at the Hardywood 4-miler, hence his name.  He’s a member of Richmond Multisports and will raise the level of the PAX.  Crumpet is Loose Goose’s father-in-law.  He earned the PAX’s respect with his determination through the workout.  Crumpet teaches English (not American) overseas and hails from TX and AR.

While YHC is generally meticulous about form, there were a few deviations today as there were too many moving parts for him to spot and correct.  No fear.  YHC’s will make up for it next time.

TClaps to Bleeder for being the truck driver and photographer during today’s workout.


– Mon, #Punisher, Holton Elementary
– Tues, #NoToll, Hugeonot Park
– Wed, #SourceOfTruth, Swift Creek Middle
– Thur, #MOM, Mary Mumford Elementary
– Fri, #RAMM, Mary Mumford Elementary
– Sat, #DogPile, Dogwood Dell, 6:00am, #GridIron, Pouncy Tract, 7:00, (#PreGame at 6:40)

We’re looking to build #GridIron back up.  Know anyone in the Short Pump, Windham, or Twin Hickory areas?  bring them out!

Looking to get Backblasts via email?  Here’s a step-by-step on how to setup IFTTT to send you a email with the backblasts.


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  1. Wilson_RVA on

    Great Q! Love the ladies. I will say Swirly also pushed me ( literally). Looking forward to seeing the ladies again!

  2. Based on the team pic it looks like Conspiracy and Swirly should have switched logs. Someone got cheated on that one. I’m also very happy I didn’t show up for this prior to the Rugged maniac.