Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Peppermint anyone?


10 dedicated strong runners showed up to RAMM this morning for a quick morning stroll.  Weather was 70 and Sunny (or maybe 50 and raining).

The Thang:

PAX run from shovel flag to Grove Avenue. All take a right on Grove, three routes, 4, 5 and 6 miles, dealers choice.  4 mile loop turn around at Sauer, 5 mile loop turn around at Thompson, 6 mile loop turnaround at Belmont.  All run to intersection of Three Chopt and Grove, turnaround and run back to the shovel flag.


The PAX continues to complain that the mileage that the Q is reporting is not accurate, despite the fact that YHC has verified the mileage several times.  Because of his irreverance towards the Q, Bleeder was asked to drop and give me 10 burpees.  He gave me ten…but it was the middle finger, not burpees.

Sippy reported that my 6 mile loop last week was only 5.5.  So I made sure this week that the loop was indeed 6.  Upon hearing the turnaround point sippy let out an audible “Damn”.  I could not have been happier.  Despite his longer route, Sippy Cup did pick about half of the pax on his way back to the shovel flag.  Sippy’s got wheels.

Loose Goose set out to do 3.5 today (which was not an option) and ended up running 4.75 (also not one of the options).  Not sure how he accomplished this, but he did somehow.

The PAX were all treated to peppermint lifesavers at the beginning of the run.  Although YHC is not a big fan of most of the “herbal” remedies, elixirs, and supplements out there, he did find a compelling article on the benefits of peppermint oil to running.  For a look at the article click here http://breakingmuscle.com/nutrition/the-surprising-and-substantial-effects-of-peppermint-on-exercise.

Finally, there was a City of Richmond radar speed monitor on Grove Avenue, right in front of the school.  It did a great job of tracking the speed of the cars on the road.  When Swirly, TYA and Conspiracy were heading back to the shovel flag, Conspiracy, unsuccessfully, tried to have the speed monitor pick him up on a sprint.  Maybe next time if we run in a PAX (or if bleeder sprints), the monitor will pick us up.

See you in the gloom next week.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great run gentlemen. Enjoyed the weather, the run and the fellowship. See you out there next week.

  2. Wilson_RVA on

    Nice run. Still glad I woke up. Ironically I want to go back to the fart sack. See you gents tomorrow!

  3. Loose Goose on

    My 4.75 was per my foot pod linked with my watch, so it could have been a little mis-calibrated, but I failed to hit the right turnaround point at the beginning and my knee didn’t want to do the full 5 miles so I had to turn around before hitting 3 chopt. I’m here to provide new options.