Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who doesn’t love a block party?


12 posted for a truly beautiful morning just to lift cinder blocks.  Fun was had by all, and here’s how it went down:

Blocks held overhead for mosey to center of soccer field for COP:

20 SSH, 20 split jumps, 20 Don Quixote, 20 Rosalitas, 10 merkins

Mosey to soccer field end line and partner up for blockfest:

One partner curls while the other runs half field and back.  Flapjack with each partner doing 3 sets.  Repeato for military press, tricep extensions, block burpees, sumo squats, and a new exercise where you pass the block between your legs, switch legs, and repeat (like a basketball switch but with more ramifications if you miss).

Block Minutes or Mary: 15 sit-ups with block on chest OYO, 10 Rocky Balboa passes with your partner IC, 15 sit-ups with block over head, 10 Rocky Balboa opposite direction IC

Bonus 10 Block Burpees in cadence (yeah, we actually pulled that off) because the PAX was ahead of schedule

Mosey to flag for COT

Moleskin:  The last time YHC led a block party there was a significant amount of mumble chatter.  I theorized this was due to a lack of running.., problem solved.  There were some impressive performances today as several of the PAX found some wheels during the run portion (Bleeder, LockJaw, Swirly).  Now, was this because they were working to improve their speed, were they trying to save their partners from lifting too much, or did they want more time with the block to achieve beach body goals?  It should also be noted that Swirly appeared to be running laps when I arrived to plant the flag.  After establishing an understanding that the workout had not started yet, Swirly continued to run while waiting on the PAX to arrive.  FEBA!


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  1. If anyone finds my Knee cap, please return it to:
    Toga B. Party
    45 M o M Way
    MumbleChatterville, VA 23226

    Much appreciated, Nice work today! Way to Go Swirly with the Extra Credit.

  2. Bummed that I missed this one. If someone could tell my 7 month old daughter to stop growing teeth, that would be helpful…

    I may pick up a block and try to mimic this workout on my own sometime soon.

  3. . . . OR I could use my 25-lb kettle bell. My plan was to show up and use that to make the rest of you jokers jealous so that you go buy one for yourself.

  4. The only countdown we did today was back at the shovel flag. Heart is still pounding.