Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Burpees, Beast, and a Reggie


 The Pax was 5 strong venturing into the gloom on a beautiful morning

The Thang

Mosey down the bus stop lane


25x SSH

25x imperial Walkers

25x Crab Cakes

30x Little Baby Crunches

Mosey to middle field

10 minutes of burpees

Yep 10 min of burpees

Mosey to the football field



Monkey Humpers

Don Quixote’s


Weezy Jefferson

Deep Knee Bends

Mosey to corner of track

Lunge 100 m

Jog corner

Sprint 100 m



Great to see Earthworm at SOT.  He’s always bringing the max.  Somehow he survived an automotive tussell with Bleeder on the way down Old Hundred.  Not many survive those Earthworm, Well done.

Fertilizer, small fibia’s, and 6 women discussions were heard in the mumble chatter during the lunges.  Not sure how the convo got started but it did make the next 5 minutes of lunges bearable.  It was also nice to help out Conspiracy and pick up his jacket all the way on the other side of the field.  He must have been pretty gassed to be walking so leisurely.

Bleeder’s apparel store was open in the trunk of his car.  Not 100% sure what he was selling but it looked like some were buying.

YHC and DK discussed the trials and tribulations of installing ceiling fans.  While YHC’s color blindness is an issue DK was able to repair manufacturing defects.  If the F3 Nation needs assistance, DK is the man to go to.

Afterwards Bleeder and YHC ventured out to meet our man in the press box.  Turns out his name is Reggie and he’s been living there for about a month. Reggie gave us a brief spiritual lesson and was off onto his daily adventure via Old Hundred Road.  We wish him the best.

See you next time!



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  1. There is, we saw him for the 1st time last week. Dropped off an F3 care package for last week. He was appreciative.

  2. Did manage to keep all wheels attached to this Audi, Shirts are going fast, XL’s and XXl’s are all that’s left in the trunk sale, Fudd’s Green shirt is on layaway until he returns from the Greek F3 expansion.

  3. Great AO for SOT and terrific Q by Lug Nut. Glad I crossed the river and will do so again. With all the talk of short tibias and color vision deficiency, though, I am rather tempted to bring to my next posting a long list of my physical infirmities. And I assured the revenue agent surveilling the premises that Bleeder had a resale certificate authorizing his trunk sale commerce.

  4. That “something else” in the Beast was the “Weezy Jefferson”, aka Partner leg push w/out the Partner, aka Pole Smokers w/out the Pole.

    Lug Nut, you brought the Truth, brother…