Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Merkinfest 2015


A strong and dedicated PAX of 18 showed up at NoToll on this beautiful morning for a little modified push-a-rama.



SSH x 21

Don Quixote x 25

LBC x 30

Merkins x 10

Copperhead Squat x 20


Mosey to parking lot for 4 Corners (x2).  The pace was determined by the lead group doing Squerkins.

Squerkins x 10 (alternate positions during second loop)

Squats AMRAP

Military Merkins x 10 (alternate exercise on second loop)


Mosey to soccer field for the Merkin Ladder.  Start at x 20 and descend to x1 with 50 yd sprints between Launch and Target Points.


Congregate in the middle of the soccer field for 7MOM:

Box Cutters x 20

Freddy Mercury x 25 alternating pace

LBC x 30


Ring of Fire:

One round of 7 merkins



It was good to Q for you men this morning, although I almost smoked myself demonstrating the Side Straddle Stork Hop at the start, which is a near impossible exercise;)  TYA is truly a beast!  The PAX had lots of energy this morning, no doubt empowered by a strong turnout that included some familiar faces (good to see you Iron Curtain!) and an eager FNG.  Welcome, Quickdraw!

YHC tried to get his creative juices flowing with some new exercises.  I think the squerkins went well, although we could have definitely done more for more PAIN.  The military merkins were a bit of a clown show at the start, but I think they have potential.  We may have to try an entire workout of sparingly used obscure exercises to test our collective mettle.

Admittedly, YHC almost thought he bit off more than he could chew with the Merkin Ladder, but the PAX performed so well and was so eager for more that it was fitting to finish with merkins again in the Ring of Fire.  Much mumblechatter could be heard, most in the form of verbal appreciation from the PAX for the gift of merkins.  “Thank you sir, may I have another!”  One can only wonder how excited Don Draper, er Fudd, would have been.  Hopefully, he is giving those Greeks all they can handle.  On a final note, JVille turned on the jets and sprinted to the COT.  YHC and Toga gave chase to no avail.  Deceptively fast and a strong runner, good to have him on the BRR team.

Upcoming events:

Workouts at SOT tomorrow, 45MOM on Thursday and Friday, Dogpile and Gridiron on Saturday.

The Rugged Maniac is this Saturday, May 2.  Today is the last day to register, and the team is mostly filled.  However, if you are feeling it, contact JVille immediately.

Until next time, AYE!







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  1. Döner Kebab on

    when n = 20, then merkins=20(21)/2
    so merkins=210
    210 = 20+19+18+17+16+15+14+13+12+11+10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1

    Cheers to Splinter for sharing the algebraic formula for the “factorial equivalent for addition” over corporate IM today…

  2. Wedding Singer on

    great Q BT, I didn’t think we stood a chance to finish that merkin ladder in the given time. Could we do more, could the ladder bring more PAIN? I hope to find out.

  3. I think the ladder has lots of potential for pain. I did a merkin a while ago to test my soreness and felt like I did when I tried to match Loose Goose’s 10k merkins challenge.

  4. Merkins rock, though I came out of that 10K challenge with tennis elbow that didn’t go away until I got sick in Feb and had to take a month off…

    @Wedding Singer – are you asking for the next Merkin ladder to be up to 20 AND back down? You’re nuts.