Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pick your poison


10 strong and fast posted for a Friday morning run, including one Friday Run New Guy and one FNG.  Weather was a little chilly for this time of year, but perfect for a run.

The Thang:

Pick your poison – 4, 5, and 6 mile loops with a .3 mile extra credit at the end.  Everyone head towards Grove and take a right.  4 mile loop run to Sauer and turnaround, 5 mile loop run to Thompson and turnaround and 6 mile loop run to Roseneath and turnaround.  All run to Three Chopt, turnaround and head back to shovel flag.  For extra credit run the long way around the school.


The PAX continues to get stronger and stronger.  Swirly stepped it up and tackled the 5 mile loop for the first time.  Great job Swirly, everyday out there you are getting stronger.  Despite running the longest loop and the extra credit, Sippy beat all PAX back to the shovel flag.  It does not seem like you can send him far enough.  The five mile crew was paced by Pucker and Saab.  Both were first time Friday run guys but proved that they can push the pace.  Bleeder continues to improve weekly.  He and Wedding Singer ran the last of the four miles together and could not be caught by the five milers.

During the naming ceremony for all FNG’s Brain Tumor continues to point out that the name Hemorrhoid is still unused.  Luckily today’s FNG avoided getting this name.  Hopefully this name will go unused for quite a while.

Sippy let YHC know that his six mile loop was not actually a six mile loop, but closer to 5.5.  I will get the bike out this Sunday and remeasure each of our routes and get an appropriate turning point for Sippy.  We may have to send him all the way to the eastern Henrico county before he has a longer enough run!


Hardywood 4 miler on Sunday.  F3 booth at packet pickup will be manned from 1230 to 430.  Let get out there and EH some new PAX.

T-Shirts are on sale on the website.  Log in and get yours asap.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job on the run today. The PAX continues to show me that the best way to become a faster runner is to run with faster men. #ISI. Thanks to Pucker and Saab for pacing me today and thanks to Lockjaw for encouraging me at the end of the run. Much appreciated.

  2. Good run, fellas. Now let’s get some more folks out tomorrow to show off our speed at the Hardywood!