Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

EH Q Fail


Brain Tumor was EH’d to Q at yesterday’s Punisher. I guess the headlock wasn’t strong enough….it was a soft commit, anyway. No matter, the F3 Richmond Pax is resilient and strong and any number of us can pick up Q at a moment’s notice. Here’s how 13 Faithful stayed fit and sharp at this morning’s NoToll:

The Thang:

Mosey 100 ft to COP (thinking BT might show):
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Slow Bending Squats
25 LBCs
25 Imperial Walkers

Mosey to Robious and back to parking spaces under light:
The Lindsay (40’s): Rocky Balboa + Sky Boxes

Mosey to Basketball Court:
King of Hearts:
Regular Suicide
Bear Crawl to far side
Crawl Bear to far side
Backward Suicide
Plank-o-rama (including Wilson’s Lasagna Party)
Karaoke Suicide

Mosey to Soccer Field:
11’s – Full width w/ 1 exercise at each width
Monkey humpers + Merkins

Mosey to parking lot:
25 LBCs, Wilson’s Spaghetti Party (10 each side), 20 Freddy Mercuries

Mosey back to shovel flag for COT.

Tough workout today…lots of running. The PAX looked good. Well done, gents.

The PAX was also very quiet today…both before and after the workout. I guess the atmosphere felt a bit deflated without Fudd.

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Ricky Bobby = 49 years + 364 days. Respect.

Hardywood 4 Miler this Sunday – Look out for the F3 tent on Sunday and Bleeder spreading the good word.

Earth Day 5K 2016 – Sat April 23, 2016.
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  1. Beautiful day…perfect way to watch the sunrise: attending Wilson’s Spaghetti Party!

  2. Good improv Q, @Doner Kebab! The running felt good, and I confess I took the elevator when I got to work this morning as a result… Way to bring the pain!

  3. Doh! Sorry, fellas. I was trying to move my schedule to make this am and couldn’t make it happen, then forgot to follow up. Way to pick up my slack, and you’re welcome for the softball of a backblast title;)

  4. Loose Goose – Really? Ricky Bobby – respect! Great workout DK! I really need to read the manual for my alarm. Yes I’m blaming my tardiness on the alarm clock. Have a great week gents. See ya Saturday- Vegas bound!

  5. Jonathan Pittman on

    Gents. This is Beaver in Greensboro. I’ve posted with you all a couple times. I got my dad (Kenny Pittman – Ward) to post down here for the first time last Saturday. Would it be possible for you all to add him to your list serve? His email is kpittman@dmwpv.com. I’m trying to put the EH on him to post in RVA. He lives near Huguenot Park. Thanks.

  6. T-claps to @F3Richmond! Been keeping loose tabs on you guys. Way to grow and #GiveItAway!

    YHC is a VA beach native (parents, brother and his family still live there). Knowing how close RVA is, just curious if VA Beach has popped up in discussion per expansion? Realize you guys are still building, but if it ever becomes a real possibility, YHC would love to help in the effort. Little brother needs him some F3!

    My contact info: @Cobra_F3, or bedexter@gmail.com.


  7. @Beaver – will do, and will look for him to post
    @Cobra- We’re not there yet, but the idea of expansion is coming. Be on the lookout for notes about that, but we’ll reach back out to you when we are ready to move in the direction.