Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Towering Inferno Part Deux


11 with an FNG posted for a beautiful Spring morning at DogPile. Here’s how it went down:

20 ssh, 20 mtn climbers, 15 sit-ups, 10 clerkins, 20 hillbillies, 20 don Quixote, 15 sit-ups

Mosey to VITA course for one loop stopping at every apparatus for alternating 5 burpees and then 10 merkins.

Mosey to base of carillon for The Towering Inferno part deuex. Run up steps and wheelbarrow across landing, run to bottom and carry partner to planters. Flapjack with each partner completing each exercise 4x

Mosey to pull-up bars for: 5 pull-ups, 10 diamonds, 20 sit-ups, 5 chin-ups, 10 diamonds, 20 sit-ups, report 2x

Mosey back to parking lot for 6 MoM: 20 flutter kicks, 15 leg raises, 20 rosalitas, superman x2

Festivities were delayed as Fudd sent a prelaunch text that his slumber had run long. YHC did a quick revision to warm-up in the parking lot for a decent amount of time but still no Fudd. Mr. Sandman finally appeared while we were running the VITA, and the people rejoiced.

As we stopped at each “apparatus” for burpees or merkins on the trail, it occurred to the Q and the PAX that there were a lot more stops on the trail than anticipated. YHC took the grumbling as a good sign and will use this again.

Special welcome to FNG Garbage Plate. That one required a Google search to explain the reference. It must be a Yankee thing.



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  1. Nice beat down Toga! While the stations on the VITA were close together, that was a great way to start.

  2. Well done Toga! I am still sore from that beatdown, and ready for more tomorrow. Love the Dogpile AO, and good job using it well.