Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Eight of the faithful posted at Mary Munford ES on a wet Friday morning to put their bodies through the paces.  Johnsonville planted a VSF and took Q.


Indian Run 1000m warm up.
5 x 1000m intervals OYO with 2.5 minutes rest in between.



There seems to have been a mild expectation on the part of the PAX of a gentle 3-4 mi. run this morning.  Like TYA the prior week, Johnsonville decided to dish out some speedier work for the overall betterment of the PAX (or maybe just himself).

Loose Goose showed up with a pair of colorful light sticks tied to his waist, evoking numerous comments about his Star Wars costume.  Nice try Loose Goose, but we are not about to rename you “Darth Maul” or “General Grievous.”  We are considering chipping in to buy you a headlamp.

Conspiracy and Sippy Cup were neck and neck on the first interval. Conspiracy suffered some soreness and backed down after that, allowing Sippy Cup to complete the remaining intervals on top.  Toga gave Sippy Cup chase, but he did not pose a serious a threat.

Oyster, a short-distance sprinting specialist, showed his star to be on the rise.  He layed down a very impressive pace on the final 1000m interval.  Johnsonville edged him out at the very end — but just barely (and not without a fight).

Good job on the speed work this morning men!

Upcoming F3Richmond Events —

  • 0600 Saturday — #dogpile / Toga on Q
  • 0640 Saturday — #gridiron pregame 3rd F gut check led by Earthworm laying   down some Old Testament lessons re leadership
  • 0700 Saturday — #gridiron / Earthworm on Q
  • Sunday — Informal trail run or road biking.  Text Jville for input or info.

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  1. This was unexpected and better that way. Thanks for the idea and much needed speed work.

  2. I admit I was looking forward to a nice leisurely run to Three Chopt and back. Glad to be disappointed. I’ll get my rest at dog pile tomorrow.

  3. You guys are killing me with this impressive workouts. Looking forward to getting back in town next week and getting after it!