Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Carillon Killer @ Dogpile


#Tclaps to the 5 PAX who posted for this morning’s beatdown under the watchful eye of the Carillon. It was Orville’s first Q since that one fateful morning at #Gridiron where downhill bear crawls happened…no such luck this morning.¬†Orville unveiled a new workout we’ll call #CarillonKiller. Drawing inspiration from Toga’s Q 2 weeks back, it features 5 stations, done twice each, for 6 minutes at a time.

The Thang:
Mosey to 1st Station: Traffic Circle
-SSH x15
-LBC x15
-Burpees x15
-Backwards bear crawl to curb, crawl forward, merkins (rinse & repeat until time’s up)

Mosey to 2nd Station: Carillon Steps
-Jog up steps
-Broad jump across Carillon base
-Jog down steps
-50% jog to flag & back
-Rinse & repeat, increasing intensity of out & back jog to 75% then 100%, until time’s up

Mosey to 3rd Station: Uneven Bars
-1 pullup, 1 chinup, 1 hanging knee raise
-10 snow angels
-10 sea turtles
-Rinse & repeat, upping bar reps to 3 then 5 each, until time’s up

Mosey to 4th Station: Jacob’s Halfpipe
-Up & down the halfpipe we go
-3 mountain climbers on the top of each side
-Random planks in the valley, to allow a quick breather
-Rinse & repeat until time’s up

Mosey to 5th Station: Jump Little Children Concert
-Bunny hop up steps, jog back down
-Lunge up steps, jog back down
-Bear crawl up steps, jog back down
-Rinse & repeat until time’s up

Rinse & repeat whole circuit

Had to cut 3rd station second time through, as we were running short on time. Wilson though a better name for Jacob’s Halfpipe was Valley of Death. No one disagreed, or either everyone was too winded to do so. Apparently there was beer to be had at Fudd’s Friday night, which probably kept numbers low. Just as well, as there would have been a #MerlotSplash or two…

Don’t forget to check out the unveiling of the #Punisher on Monday at Linwood Holton Elementary. Earth Day run 4/18.


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  1. Killer Q today Orville. I’m smoked and my decision to head over to Grid Iron was not my best. Goose had a beast in store. After some yard work, toast I am!Looking forward to the valley of death next Saturday……..ok maybe NOT!

  2. Awesome job Orville! Thanks for covering and know that I will likely copy this almost exactly for a future repetition.