Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

M TYA is in the house


11 Strong posted today for the weekly RAMM run.  M TYA was there at 5:30 sharp with her stopwatch to time the PAX.  Thanks M TYA for helping out this morning!

The Thang:

2 timed runs today.  First was a 1/4 mile sprint.  Next was a 3.6 mile loop down Libbie to Three Chopt and back.  Everyone runs the same route today.


The PAX have been improving so much lately, that the Q wanted to get a baseline of where we were so we could track progress.  In the last four months, the PAX have lengthened the max distance on the run by 2+ miles and the average pace has increased dramatically.  But exactly where are we from a pace and an improvement perspective?  Lets find out by doing our two timed runs!

Johnsonville was visibly shaken when YHC announced that we were going to be doing timed runs without a warmup.  How could that be (that may be a more difficult task than creating teams of three with 16PAX)?  Won’t there be an issue running fast without a warmup.  Despite our initial trepidations, the PAX persevered and no hammies were pulled along the way.  SIppy Cup and Bleeder both planned ahead and got there warmups in before the run by running to the run.

Bleeder set the initial pace on the 1/4 mile sprint, leading the pax through the first half of the course.  By the end Sippy (1:23), Doner Kebob (1:25), and Wilson (1:27) led the crew.  Swirly and Johnsonville finished neck and neck at 1:29, followed by Chumbucket (1:39), Lockjaw (1:42), Bleeder (1:43), TYA (1:44), Wedding Singer (1:48) and Pelosi 5-0 (1:51).

On the 3.6 mile loop, to no ones surprise, Sippy led the way at 25:24.  Next was a crew of three, Wilson (28:42), Johnsonville (28:49) and Doner Kebob (28:51).  Lockjaw made an epic comeback in the last half mile and overtook TYA right at the finish line (both logged in at 30:37).  Next up was Swirly (31:49), Chum (32:01), Pelosi 5-0 (33:57), Wedding Singer (36:25) and Bleeder (38:57). One note, had bleeder used the last 200 of his 3.6 loop as his second half of the quarter mile, his quarter mile time would have been 0:59.


M TYA announced that there is an earthday 5k coming up sometime in the next couple weeks.  For details see Wedding Singer!

Fudd is hosting a gathering tonight with refreshments and pizza.  Stop by his crib if you get a chance.  Address is in yesterdays backblast

Monday Punisher will start next week at Holton elementary at corner of hermitage and laburnam



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Thanks for the run Gentlemen. Running with the crew over the past 4 months has shaved my pace from just above 10 minutes per mile to 8:25. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I loved this run. It felt great. Well done TYA for timing us. Always makes the PAX run a bit harder.Nice job gents!