Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You get a FREE t-shirt…………..for how much?


Eight courageous men entered the SOT on a drizzly morning. Spring break provided a nice hiatus from the smell of Diesel!

The Thang:

Mosey to track for a warm up lap (its ONLY 1/4 mile) to the back of the school.

Disclaimer & warm up

20 SSH

20 Merkans

20 Mountain Climbers

10 Burpees (OYO)

10 Dive Bomb Merkans

25 Forward arm circles

25 Reverse arm circles

Mosey to side of school

Triple Nickle Repeat below 5x (New to Wilson! Unsure of the amount of time it would take)

5 Derkins (with feet on the wall)

Jog around the group of trees

5 Deep knee squats

Mosey around the front of the school to the spot where it all began for……..

Unknown minutes of Mary (also unknown is how many of each exercise – weinke did not have & I’m getting old)

Spider-man Plank Crunch

Russian Twist

Freddy Mercury

Cross Crunch (straight leg & arm – alternating)

Cross Leg Lift

Elevated Bird Dog – A Wilson Favorite

Leg Lifts


Hello Dollies



Ring of Fire (dealers choice)

Each of the PAX chose their own exercise – the exercise rotated to the left – did three rounds.

Mosey down to basketball courts

One set of regular suicides

Mosey back to flag.



A slight drizzle stayed with us for the 45 minutes at SOT. While wet, it was enjoyable not being in 32 degree weather!

The weinke continues to rule YHC. I cannot perform a Q without it, however I know the flow is soooo much better without. I’ll break my dependence of the weinke soon. No need for an intervention. Next Q will be easier to remember….The BEAST is coming!

Thanks to DK for going immediately into plank as the weinke controlled me.

The PAX gave maximum effort today. Thanks.

Singer continues to be in FULL promotion for the Earth Day 5k run. Even wearing the free t-shirt. It’s ONLY $30!? Enjoy the video. I watched 5 of them and laughed out loud at all 5. Prob not good at work!

I believe tonight is the happy hour in the Willow Lawn area. Not sure of the exact location.

Fudd has to morrow and TYA has something exciting in store for the Friday run.



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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Great Q, Wilson! I loved the DryHumpers…err I mean Dive Bomb Merkins. The arm circles reminded me of one of our first workouts…where we’d be thanking Conspiracy later…

    I look for any opportunity to plank these days! Chris Weinke, former Carolina Painther (yes I spelled it Painther for a reason), would be very proud!

  2. Wedding Singer on

    Great Q Wilson! Who knew so many of the PAX liked merkins. I can’t wait for this earth day 5K to pass us by.