Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Follow me…Which way to the pull up bars?



Spring is here at last as 10 veterans and 1 FNG face Dogpile.

The Thang:

Mosey around the circle twice and COP in the center.
20 SSH
25 Don Quixote
17 LBC
13 Merkins

Off to the pull up bars in the woods.
8 pull ups, 16 dips, 24 squats – 3 times

Mosey to the bowl behind the amphitheater. Jacob’s Ladder – bear crawl up, execute burpee, run down – repeat and increment burpee count until 7.

Off to the North West side of the Carillon with hand off to Wilson for 6 minutes of Mary:
Parker Peter
Hello dollies
Side plank dips
Cross leg lifts (a wilson’s wife exercise)
Russian twist

Mosey onward and Pelosi 5-0 suggests Love Hill. Partner up and one runs the hill while the other lunges up the hill. Switch roles and repeat. Same approach with walking push ups and then bear crawls. Keep rotating through the trio while a partner runs…you get the idea.

Form two columns and Indian run back up the hill to the shovel flag for COT.

The much anticipated Fudd Q will have to be rescheduled due to a personal emergency. Lock jaw took over Q duties and away we go.

The Q’s SSH paid homage to missing Pax with the style of a TYA stork strokin’ out and the counting capacity of Fudd. YHC got better from there especially with an aid of a “Wilson Weinke”.

The Pax was strong this morning accompanying the fine Spring weather. It was good to finish the workout in daylight unlike previous weeks. Exciting events on the horizon with the new Punisher workout, HDHH, and the Twilight 4 miler.

Welcome aboard FNG Bull (friend of Wilson).


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