Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

There’s a cardiologist in the house


14 veterans and one FNG posted for a perfect Friday RAMM run.  At start of the run the temperature was 62 degrees warm.

The Thang:

Today was timed run day.  All pax run same route.  From shovel flag to Grove, left on Grove, all the way to three chopt, turn back down Grove and head back towards shovel flag.  At the 20 minute mark in the run, turn around and retrace your steps back to the shovel flag.  This should get us all back to the start at approximately the same time.


Lots of mumble chatter pre-run about the previous day’s beatdown.  Those who were there were peppered with questions about exactly what went down the prior day.

Two of the PAX went for the run to the run daily double.  Sippy cup, as usual, made the 2.5 mile mosey to and from his house to the run.  Bleeder joined Sippy in his pre run ritual and sauntered over to the AO from his house.  The warm up for Bleeder helped loosen up his injured leg.

Lugnut was a just in time LIFO.  He hit the AO as the PAX took off for the run.  He had not set his alarm and was awoken by a text from Bleeder at 4:59, leaving him just enough time to get dressed and speed to the AO.  Great dedication Lug.  Rumor had it that we were schedule to have a surprise guest from Casa de Lug.  Maybe next time.

Several of the PAX did not follow directions and turn back at the 20 minute mark.  Instructions were crystal clear, but the PAX took it upon themselves to change the plan for their run.  It happened to be the folks in the lead.  Back in my day the leaders were supposed to set the best example, just saying.

Welcome to FNG Razor, friend of Fudd’s  Upon learning that Razor was a cardiologist, several of the PAX commented that they could now push themselves harder because there was help at the ready if needed.


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  1. Sure those directions were crystal clear? Ok…my bad! Great run. Looking forward to next weeks run.