Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Welcome to Grumpville!


It was another edition of the block party at 45MoM, but we changed things up a bit.  The Thang:

Warmup: Grab your favorite block and run to far soccer field

Everything was done with 45 seconds on and 15 secs in between sets:

  1. burpees w block press, curls, weighted sit-ups: x3 then run field and back
  2. block swings, block raises, flutter kicks: x3 then run field and back
  3. sumo squat w twist block press, overhead triceps press, pole smokers (leg raises): x3 then run to back of school for…
  4. Peoples’ chair while passing all blocks down the line and back again

Mosey to flag for COT

Moleskin: As many of us prepare to go on Spring break, working those beach muscles seemed like a good idea.  The ever creative Mayor of Grumpville took the time to prepare a well thought out and balanced series of exercises scientifically proven to get results.

YHC gets Monday morning Q quarterbacking.  It’s one of my favorite things to do in the morning, and a well placed and witty comment keeps it fun.  That said, apparently Fudd is putting Columbian bam bam on his wheaties and lord knows what pills they’re slipping TYA at the old folks home.  YHC did get a small amount of pleasure when the mumble chatter ceased in round three.  There will be more sprints in the next gear workout to help corral some of the enthusiasm.

YHC gets it!  Some people need that ‘kid in the back of the class’ kind of feeling to feel better about themselves.  Whatever sad clown kind of thing you’ve got going on, we’re here for you!  If you always feel the need to talk about how many beers you had the night before a workout, or simply can’t do a SSH without looking like a stork having a stroke, this PAX will see you through it.


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  1. Grumpville – heck of a way to start the day ! Great Q Toga. Way to bring back our friend Mr.Block….

  2. Döner Kebab on

    Fudd & TYA in the front row of class making fun of the teacher this morning was too good…

  3. Geeze Toga. I was a quiet soldier and did what was asked. Guess my silence made me invisible……….

  4. Dear Mr Mayor,
    As a citizen of Grumpvilee, the “stork” population has been fighting other serious health issues beside strokes. According to the Notthern Aggeasive Health institute, Monkey humping and pole smoking are really ignored. Furthermore, the method in which cadence is deliveried has caused many ribs to be broken, especially in the town of Johnsonville(please don’t tell Lindsey). Of Course the effects of Brain Tumors on Storks need further study; however, it has been discovered that a loose Goose is immune to such illnesses. It is my understanding that Fudd will be reaching this next week and will have an open Forum in the matter, with Zero calorie Beer provided,
    Bleeder R. stork