Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hero – No Joke


The Thang

7 post to the Gloom on a beautiful crisp morning.


25x SSh

30x LBC

26x Freddie Mercuries

20x Imperial Walkers

20x Slow Bending Squats

Mosey to front steps

Merkins Walk

5 inclined pushup each step (2x)

5 declined pushup each step (2x)

Jog around light pole (2x)

Super 21

Under each basket do 1 merkin/1 lbc increase by 1 each

Rotate through until you reach 21 merkins/21 lbc’s.

#1-8 merkin/ww2

Jog down & back

#9-16 werkin/flutter kick

Jog down & back

#17-21 carolina dry dock/lbc

Mosey to bus loop

Double Check


Wall sits

Bear Crawl down hill

Mosey to the Shovel Flag for COT


Its difficult to come up with a lot of trash to talk after a morning like this one. 231 merkins & 231 abs, and that does not include the 150  the PAX completed on the merkin walk.

Fudd brought the passion from the moment he rolled into the parking lot.  A few were concerned he may have forgotten to take his medication early on, but we were all drinking the Kool-Aid before it was over.

Heros by Alesso is the official song of SOT.  Why you might ask?  Because Fudd felt it exemplified the spirit of F3.  Cranking up the stereo in a quiet middle school parking lot is always entertaining. #flashback

Wedding Singer continues to drive F3 participation in the Earth Day 5k.

YHC was promoting Wilson’s golf tournament which it turns out Singer has played in the last two years.  Who knew!

Fudd graciously sponsored a foursome and somehow headlocked Bleeder also.  Did I say Fudd was on a roll today?

Rock solid, no man left behind crew of guys today.

Well done!





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  1. Döner Kebab on

    That was a solid beatdown, Lug Nut. Holy Push-o-rama.
    Fudd was on fire today. Loved it.

  2. Döner Kebab on

    Bleeder/Fudd, let me know if you can’t fill a spot on one of your golf teams…