Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Maybe this was a bad exercise for a Tabata…


15 Faithful and 1 FNG congregated on a beautiful early Spring morning at Huguenot Park for a lovely SouthSide, #NoToll beatdown. Here’s how it went down:

The Thang:

25 SSH
15 Merkins
25 LBCs
25 Imperial Walkers
20 Slow Bending Squats

Mosey to Robious Rd
Everybody take a piece of curb for a Tabata: Rocky Balboa

Mosey to basketball court
King of Hearts
forward suicide
backward suicide
karaoke suicide
lunges (full court only)
forward crab walk (half court)
duck crawl (half court)

Mosey to soccer parking lot
1 round of 4 corners: 5 PCMBs at each corner (Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees)

Mosey to parking poles for a Tabata: Pole Smokers

Mosey to soccer field
2 Bolts (full sprint width of field – across and back = 1)

Mosey to bleachers for a Tabata: Leg knee lifts (only had enough time for 6 of 8 rounds)

Mosey to shovel flag for COT


Welcome to Mother Hen! Glad to see an increasing number of FNGs at our workouts. TClaps to Loose Goose for bringing Mother Hen along.

YHC observed excessive mumble chatter during the Rocky Balboa….which was reduced to a whimper during the PCMBs…which reduced to silence half way through the Pole Smokers…

YHC second guessed his decision to include Pole Smokers as a Tabata…TYC supported the exercise.

Even though he led the charge for most of our exercises, Fudd was obnoxiously enthusiastic this morning and probably woke up a few neighbors of the park. He blamed 5 scotches the night before. I’m thinking it was Fake Enthusiasm combined with a Bullshit Attitude…FEBA!

Sippy Cup was observed using the entire set of bleachers during the leg knee lifts Tabata. Solid use of the AO.

Wedding Singer needs hard commits by the end of the day for his wife’s Earth Day Run.

YHC learned that Ricky Bobby’s birthday is this month…RESPECT is forthcoming.

Chum Bucket is Q’ing a new Monday workout on the Northside held at Linwood Holton Elementary School starting Monday, April 13th. Start time 5:30 AM – 45 minutes in length. AO name: The Punisher

Regular workouts this week!
Toga says to bring a block on Thursday.


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  1. Welcome Mother Hen ! Good Job on the Q DK!
    Prisoner cell merkin burpees are brutal……

  2. “PCMBSUK” is my new license plate. Nice work, Q. Very much looking forward to “respect” in the near future.

  3. I still have no idea what a duck walk is, but still that was a solid beat down! PCMBs do suck, but how did they go bad the last time?