Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pre 10k Saunter


Five Friday faithful and one FRNG posted for a pre-Monument Avenue 10k Saunter.

The Thang:

Two routes.  Route one go to Grove, take a left on Grove, all the way to Three Chopt, turnaround, run around the school back to the shovel flag.  Second route.  Run to Grove, right on Grove to Malvern, turnaround, all the way to Three Chopt, turnaround, run around the school back to the shovel flag.

COT and off into the day

Kotter to Lockjaw.  Lockjaw had been a regular Friday morning run guy until his second Wednesday night Brew Thru.  I do not have confirmation on how many beers in he was, but at some point on the run he twisted his ankle, putting him on the IR for 2 months.  He acquitted himself well on this run, keeping up a healthy pace the whole way.  Just a couple more weeks and he will be back to his old form.

Today was Rest Stop’s virgin Friday Run.  Not having seen the rest of the crew run, he decided to join Sippy Cup on the long route (rookie mistake).  To his credit (and due to the fact that he is a HATE HATE 26 years old) he hung with Sippy all the way to Grove and Libbie (no startbucks break) where he turned back towards the shovel flag.  Great job Rest Stop, good to have you out there on Friday and we look forward to seeing you out there next week.

The rest of the crew anticipating the next day’s 10k took a nice easy run.    Interesting observation afterwards:  Our route today was a quarter mile shorter than our first RAMM run.  Although we all took a slow pace today, it was much faster in all cases from where we started.   Week to week progress is hard to see, but when you measure it over longer periods of time, the improvement is more than obvious.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Pleasure to run with everyone today. Great start to the day and a good warm up for 10k.