Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cell Block D, The Great Escape


Great Escape

13 Prisoners were Transferred to Cell Block D to soon become Freemen


30x Skull Crushers, When first person is done, Scream Escape, rotate to next station,
Balls to the Wall
Freddie Mercury
High Jumps on fence

Plank up

Six Minutes of Mary (in 3 Mins)
All men set Free to go about the day.


TClaps to TOGA for the Suggestion that we bring the Blocks back, YHC was most appreciative of the suggestion. It made the Prison theme workable without using Johnny Cash.

As the pre-workout crowd was gathering, LugNut stepped up with an effective attempt at an EH. Note to self, a light on your ankle can be a effective leadership tool in the gloom. It appears that Ankle Light Man was leading a different group around the AO.

Kotters to Loose Goose and Orville, Glad to have you guys back in the fold at 45 MM.

Scream is hosting a T-Shirt Design Summit at UR on Friday in the Dining Hall, TYA and YHC plan on being there, If you can’t make it, and have design suggestion, Keep Calm and Send them on. Any ideas are welcome.

The post workout F2/Fellowship was great to be able to stand outside, It did feel Sunny and 70. Many of the Faithful hung out until close to 7am, when YHC said, I gotta go get my kids!


TYA is gathering Hard Commits for the Blue Ridge Relay in Sept.

Next workouts
0530 Friday Mary Munford RAMM- It’s just a run.
0600 Saturday Dogwood Dell Dogpile
0700 Saturday Pouncey Tract Gridiron

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  1. Oh mama, I’m in fear for my life from the long arm of the law! Good Q today, I now understand why we had to yell “Escape!”

  2. Still a bit light headed from balls to the wall… Great Q Bleeder!
    How many LBC’s did we do during cop 800 – if not it felt like it – way to bring it!