Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Q sent to detention!


Five men decided to exit the fart sack and venture to SOT! Amazingly as soon as we arrived the temperature rose to 70!

The Thang:

Mosey around the lap 2x (totalling 1/2 mile)

Mosey to front of school & circle up (no disclaimer)

30 SSH

30 Mountain Climbers

30 Deep Squats

15 Burpees – YES burpees in the warm up!

20 Merkans

Mosey back to field

Partner up……………DAMN odd numbers!

Attempted Fireman’s carry – YHC will note he tried to be “sensitive” and let one person “opt out” as there were 5 PAX. Let me note at least two PAX immediately opted out. We did not do Fireman’s carry. **Note YHC will NOT make that mistake again**

Wheelbarrow 50 yards – switch then sprint back – Bleeder “sprinted” during the exercise……..again damn odd numbers!

15 back to back squats – YHC decided to “opt out” and paired the pax. Singer/Rest Stop executed well. Bleeder/Lug Nut need to work on timing/form. We will do more of those! 🙂

Move to paved area by field

30 laying tricep presses 15 ea arm

10 Wilson’s Wife Shoulder Press – Lug Nut did Carolina Dry Docks

Go straight into Abs! No breaks – need to get beach ready!



Hello Dollies

Cross Leg Lifts

WWII Sit Ups

Mosey to Basketball courts

Monster Suicides

Regular suicides across 4 courts – 1x

Regular suicides with 5 Merkans at each stop

Mosey back to flag…………or so they thought

Stop for 10 burpees

Now mosey back to the flag

Mole Skin:

Ok, so YHC was WAY behind yesterday and had no time to prepare so I pulled an old weinke out to use. No good! Not a good flow early in the workout. YHC needs to realize weinkies are no good. The second half of the workout was off the cuff and that’s when the chatter stopped. Pretty quiet morning except for Bleeder & Lugnut chatting frequently during the 1st half. YHC will NOT be working off a weinke next Q and will bring the pain. I am placing myself in detention until I redeem myself.

Decent workout today gents.



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  1. Taking the initiative to lead is good enough. It still sounded like fun. You should ask DK, I don’t think he leaves for a Q without a weinke.., that he then can’t read in the dark.

  2. Wedding Singer on

    Great Q Wilson, really glad we didn’t go through with the 100 yard wheelbarrow option.