Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

NoToll with a Twist


Eleven of the RVA faithful returned to NoToll on another cold morning. Welcome spring, I think.


The thang:

Mosey down to the field parking lot. COP-

20 Mountain Climbers, 25 Don Quixote, 20 Rosalita

Mosey to largest soccer field-

BEAST with a twist

Beast – merkins, Freddie mercury, deep bending squats, werkins*, mountain climbers, flutter kicks

Twist – DK was assigned the role of the twist, which is to shout NoToll somewhere in the beast. At the beginning of the werkins run, NoToll was announced stopping the PAX for a 8 count berp and merk (inside the burpee, increase merkins by 1 up to 8 and back down), continue on werkins in the beast.

Mosey over to the smaller soccer field, sprints with a twist. Swirly was designated the twist.

Sprint across and back. Sprint across and lunge back*.NoToll was announced ½ back in the lunges and YHC led a 40 count side straddle hop in cadence. Lunge the remainder of the way back.

75% jog across and back.

5 Minutes of Mary – 10 count cross leg lift raises, 20 count Hello Dolly, 20 count LBC

Mosey back to cars*

YHC NoTolls the run back with a 10 count burpee near the gate.



Do remember, YHC does need the disclaimer, he is only a wedding singer. There’s one thing to say about the cold, at least it’s not wet. The NoToll declaration adds a change of pace for exercises such as the beast, however the placement can be crucial. Adding 64 merkins and 15 burpees while making it through a beast werkin run definitely does take a toll. YHC believes this is the first beast he’s been through without a burpee portion, the Pax can thank The Scream for serving up a softball with flutter kicks as the last exercise.

Great workout guys, see you tomorrow at The Source of Truth for Wilson’s Wife’s Q.

Announcements- TYA is putting a team together for the Blue Ridge Parkway run on September 11. Each team member will run approximately 17 miles in three separate sections. Last year roughly 30 out of 150 teams were represented by F3.

-Wedding Singer


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  1. Is Wilson seriously bringing his wife to Q for him? Really!?

    Great idea on the work stoppage for the addition of more work. I may need to steal that.

  2. Toga…show up to find out! Great Q Singer! My legs still hurt…wait so does my chest! Get your rest for SOT!

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job wedding singer. Blue ridge relay info looks good. Should be a blast! Did you forget to mention the run your wife was involved in? You were so passionate about it this morning!

  4. That was a great workout, Q. I even heard Pele groan at the announcement of the final burpee twist on the way back to COT!

  5. Döner Kebab on

    I remember shouting NoToll…and I’m not even listed as a member of the PAX. #hate