Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ascending Curb Crawls? Why?


14 posted for a morning beatdown in RVA.  Weather was 37 degrees and clear.  Great job everyone getting out of the fartsack and making yourself (and others) better and stronger.

The Thang:

Mosey to field, 25x Freddy Mercury, 26x Don Quixote, 25x SSH, 25x LBC.  Mosey to covered pavillion for 11’s.  At pavillion exercise is prisoner leg lifts, at far end of the field exercise is the Burpee (of course).  Faster PAX use poles at far side of pavillion.  Mosey to front of school for Yogi Bear.  Four stations (most on picnic tables), first station box jumps, second station Derkins, third station dips, fourth station incline merkins.  Repeato x 2.  Turn around and right into ascending and descending curb crawls.  Grab a piece of curb, bear crawl to other side, one merkins, turnaround bear crawl to other side 2 Merkins.  All the way up to 9 Merkins and then back down to one.  When finished, get into Al Gore and wait for rest of Pax.  Mosey back to shovel flag for 4 minutes of Mary.  15x Flutter kicks, followed by 20 second hold feet in the air.  10x (on each leg) bent leg raises.

COT and out into the day, in better shape and energized to take on the world.


Several Kotters today.  After a brief hiatus with several maladies (strep throat, etc) Loose Goose was back in the fold.  Olaf made his second (?) appearance at a workout after a month long hiatus waiting for the spring to come.  Pucker returned after his hibernations.  Not sure why a Yankee and Ice Hockey player needs a break due to the cold?  Great to have everyone back out there with the group.

Fudd apparently shares the lack of eyesight with his namesake.  When TYA declared that the end point for the 11’s was the road at the second tree line, Fudd was all confused.  He said he saw many tree lines and could not see the rode.  Despite his difficulties seeing, he figured things out and almost kept pace with Conspiracy on the 11’s.

The PAX continues to have difficulty with math.  When the PAX were asked to split into four groups for the Yogi Bear, confusion ensued.  How could we possibly split up into four groups with 14 people in the PAX?   The math does not work out to even numbers!  What are we to do?  We can’t possibly do an exercise with an uneven number of people in the groups!    Somehow we persevered and got through the appointed tasks without incident.

What sadistic bas435d thought up curb crawls?  Why?  They are complete torture.  They sound so simple and in theory doing bear crawls with Merkins sounds doable.  This is the second time YHC has does this exercise and I have been completely smoked about halfway through both times.  At least the first time I had hope that a bus would come and run me over and stop this idiocy,  This time, my only hope was to finish the routine as quickly as possible and then try to forget that it ever happened. Worst part of doing them was that I actually chose the exercise.  What is wrong with me?


HDHH yesterday.  Good time had by all and pretty good attendance.  Thanks to all that came out and had a little bit of second F.  One awkward thing heard in the bar (and hopefully not overheard by anyone else): “it weird to see you with your clothes on”.

Run tomorrow at MM


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job Gentlemen. Pleasure to lead this morning. I look forward the next beatdown and taking my DRP.

  2. TYA – you brought it this AM man. Well done great Q – I can hardly lift my arms up to type this.. Wonder what oyster has special for us tomorrow for the run ??

  3. Ugh, curb crawls. After Coach Lugnut’s spring sprint fest yesterday, that was an intense workout. Gotta admit the curb crawls had me gasping. Nice job, TYA!

  4. Saw Goose later in the day. Could not raise arms to wave…so I just yelled! Good decision by Wilson. TYA that was a tough workout. I am baffled at how often we end up on all fours! Not right! Next HDHH is on calendar. Sounds like an interesting time!