Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ice Ice Baby


Seven posted for an icy morning at #dogpile.


Lap around VITA track – was really slick with MANY ICY spots!

Circle up (no disclaimer)

20 SSH

20 LBC

20 Donkeyote

20 Imperial Walker

Mosey to Caroline bricks

Suicides (double)

Mosey to pull up bars

Triple Check – Hanging leg lift, Supine Pull ups, Run to tower and back

Mosey to Stadium

Box jumps – UP squats, Down 5 SSH

Calf raises – 3x (straight, heel in & heel out)

6 minutes of Mary (no breaks)


Cross leg lift

Hello Dollie


Planks w/ leg slides (called Parker Peter???)


YHC got called up late the night before. I had NO plan! We survived. Might just be my new operating plan! Started with 5 and Fudd & Chum showed up late.

Overall a great workout. Later in the afternoon YHC ended up at #dogpile with Wilson’s WIfe & youngest daughter. I proudly walked & ran her through the workout this morning. She approved and said we could do a lot out here. We agreed (hell froze over – that NEVER happens)

Wedding, Chum & Wilson headed over to pouncy for more beatdown!

Nice job this morning fellas!


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  1. Great Q on the Fly Wilson. Arms still feeling the pain from the hanging left lift.

  2. Wilson, THANKS again for covering! It looks like you made it very interesting for not having a plan. That’s the great thing about this AO. It has lots of places to bring the pain.