Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Crunch Crunch Crunch


Captain Crunch

Aye,  6 sure footed men posted in this ice covered AM (5 Faithful and 1 FRNG(Friday Run New Guy)) It still felt sunny and 70!


Dealers Choice/Route Description:  Run from Shovel Flag to Grove,  turn Right,  Run to Sauer Ave, or Malvern Ave, or Hamilton Str, or push it to 5 miles at Thompson Ave & U-turn, run to Three Chopt and U-turn,  back down Grove, around Mary Munford at Stop Light to Shovel Flag.



Tclaps to Wedding Singer,  on his way to a 12 Pack,  and Tclaps to Wilson for his attempt at a 6 pack!

When Wilson arrived this am, and declared he did not know his way around,  YHC explained the route in more detail than usual, and noticed there was a substantail amount of mumble-chatter coming from the PAX.  YHC realized it was Wilson doing the mumble-chatter.  YHC paused the route description and Re-Focused Wilson’s attention.  YHC could not be held responsible for a Bills fan wondering aimlessly through the streets of near West End Richmond.  Thanks to TYA and Brain Tumor for looking after him during the run.

As we were gathering,  everyone discussed the chance of encountering ice on the Run,  all were encouraged to run on white stuff for better traction.  YHC kept running out of white stuff.  For the majority of the run, Crunch Crunch Crunch was the sound YHC heard.  If that sound stopped,  the pace of the foot speed slowed, anticipating no grip on the surface.  There were few and far between open patches of dry asphalt to feel completely comfortable.  Although, many reports of slipping and sliding were made,  YHC was happy to hear that feet were the only body parts to come in contact with the running surface this morning.

On the Run,  TYA and Wilson briefly discussed  TYA’s EH of Wilson for the Friday Run.  Apparently,  Wilson and M Wilson were pleasantly watched TV last night, when a Tweet from TYA came across about the Run.  Wilson made an idle comment about having to clean off his car.  The power of Twitter,  it can feel like a SledgeHammer, making you get up and do Something!  Nice job TYA!

Swirly’s pace was far better than YHC,  His speed is impressive,  Going for a six pack next week?

POST COT Coffeeteria

YHC, Brain Tumor, TYA and Swirly all re-grouped at an OPEN Carytown Starbucks for some post Run caffeine and water.  Many topics were discussed;  All of us agreed that the run was giving those who joined in a good cardiovascular workout, and that some of the PAX was missing out.  We also discussed OBT’s willingness to EH anyone, anytime, anywhere.  YHC was looking for an old email,  and happened to stumble across an EH from OBT from 2007,  OBT has been fine tuning his technique for a long time.  We discussed his passion for doing this.  TYA had read an article about one of the strongest reasons why we should have no hesitation about EHing anyone.  If you have time read the article(Search it in Google in case your subscription to the WSJ has Expired) http://www.wsj.com/articles/robin-williamss-age-group-at-heightened-suicide-risk-1407875597;  If you don’t have time,  and your still reading this blackblast, you have time to read the article;  but the short version is that Men age 40+ suicide rates has gone up versus other age groups.  F3 is just a group that can lay some foundation to give a man an outlet.  It’s not for everyone,  but every man needs to be invited to join.  Keeping EHing guys!

Post Coffeeteria

YHC ran into TYA at Ellwood Thompson en route to the office,  TYA was parked in the usual location for someone from Boston,  as close as possible to the front door without blocking the path to the front door.  We both witnessed a fellow in the parking lot loose his footing and was quickly helped up by an ET employee.  We both agreed that we could not believe we had actually run this morning.

Next Workouts

Byrd Park (park at Dogwood Dell) DogPile Saturday       0600 0700 Bootcamp
Pouncey Tract Park GridIron Saturday                             0700 0800 Bootcamp
Huguenot Park  NoToll Tuesday                                       0530 0615 Bootcamp
Swift Creek Middle School Source of Truth Wednesday  0530 0615 Bootcamp
Mary Munford Park (West End) 45 MM Thursday            0530 0615 Bootcamp
Mary Munford Park (West End) RAMM Friday                 0530 0615 Run


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  1. Wedding Singer on

    I had fartsack written all over me until I received TYA’s tweet last night. True story. Grabbed my sopping wet shoes and used Mrs. Singer’s blow dryer to get them as dry as possible. She wasn’t thrilled.

  2. Great run today……I’ll be back! TYA & BT both commented that the pace was slow. I’m gonna need to step it up. That was tough and not just because of the footing or the 18 layers of clothes! @bleeder – thanks for keeping me focused. Can get distracted at……….squirrel!

  3. Pretty sure today was made for TYA and Pucker to skate the course. Tough, but a good run. wilson, looking forward to a recap of tonight’s events.