Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Happy 100th Workout!


Aye!  14 souls braved trench foot in the soggy gloom for our 100th workout.  The thang:

Mosey around track and to tennis courts for warm-up COP: 25 mtn climbers, 25 Don Quixote, 15 merkins, 25 flutter kicks

Partner up for another edition of “The Circuit”:  Partners execute 25 chin-ups, 25 raised leg lunges, 25 supine pull-ups, 25 derkins: repeato 4x= 100.., get it?

Mosey to tennis courts for the 100 run and burp: partners run 100m, do 25 burpees, repeato 4x

Circle up for 25 bicycles and 25 LBC

Mosey to flag for COT

Moleskin:  The Richmond faithful showed a lot of motivation to post for SwampFest ’15.  YHC remembers our first workout in Sept, and we’ve come a long way.  We likely wouldn’t have finished that workout in 45 min back in Sept.  Today?  No problem.  In Sept there would have been a fair amount of mumble chatter about the weather.  Today?  It’s a day at the office.  I’m proud to be a part of the first 100 and look forward to the next 100!

It was good to see P2 back in the Pax, and Sippy Cup is back again for more after his first post.  Johnsonville (should we rename him RibPit?) got back in the saddle, and there is a report that TYA pulled a Greg Louganis off the monkey bars.  That Newton guy gets you every time.


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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Nice workout, PAX. Way to keep it real, Toga. Great turnout on the gloomiest of gloomy glooms.

    I think we should consider changing Johnsonville’s Name to “Ribwich”(http://www.tarses.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/ribwich1.jpg)…
    or “Johnsonville Ribwich”…
    or “JR” for short.
    I’m actually surprised Johnsonville Sausages doesn’t offer it’s own version of the McRib/Ribwich already…

  2. Nicely done today, Glad to see everyone enjoying the Weather! Toga, The beatdown continues, Great Q! Glad TYA’s Triple Flip McTwist FacePlant off the Monkey bars only left him with a Bruised ego.

  3. Great workout today! TYA scared the crap out of me when he went down……….I wanted to jump to his aid, but he was in a REALLY big puddle! Thankfully he popped right back up. Maybe we should all chip in and get him some anti-fog glasses. Looking forward to the run tomorrow!

  4. Well done, PAX! Wish I could have been there for #100 in the swampy, muddy gloom. Did anyone record this TYA flip/fall?