Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hammer Time!


7 posted for a BEAUTIFUL morning @ #SOT! Many comments on the weather before we started. @Lugnut even broke out the shorts!


Mosey around bus loop

Circle up (no disclaimer needed)

30 SSH – YHC got distracted with TYA so I decided to get REAL close and personal!

15 Merkans

30 Mountain Climbers

30 Tricep Press (15 each arm)

Mosey to the track

Indian Run (many thanks to the PAX for the correction! NOT a snake run)

5 burpees, 1/2 lap, 5 burpees, 1/2 lap 5 burpees, Lunge for one cycle.

Circle up – More SSH (Bleeder wanted some Wilson time so he got up and close)

Mosey to the TIRE!

Triple check Sledge/LBC/Lap around track – X3

?? Minutes of Mary

20 Hello Dollies

30 LBC

30 Freddie Mercury

20 Rosalita

10 Twists

10 up & Ups

10 Cross Leg Lifts (each side)

Mosey to flag



Since #SOT is still a fairly new AO, YHC decided to go for a run the night before and check it out. Be prepared fellas…………NO dry spots here! Fun in the MUD! @Johnsonville – heal fast. You’ll love it!

YHC introduced ANOTHER new F3 exercise (Yes it was Wilson Wife Approved). The #PeterGabriel. #TCLAPS to @Bleeder & @TYA for helping supply the sledge hammers. I did learn today that sledgehammers come in different weights (who knew?)……….sorry boys, but a few of you got the heavy one! As YHC Q’s more I MUST learn from previous mistakes! DO NOT allow the PAX to decide the exercise. Triple check was supposed to have a sprint to the 50 yard line, but it was really muddy (did not want to damage the field….really). Then @Bleeder says “full lap”. Yup, sure that sounds good! UGGG! I felt like that awkward kid in highschool again running around that damn track……….sorry. I’ll save that for therapy!

Minutes of Mary got some groaning as there were NO breaks! Nice job fellas!

Wilson’s wife needed an update on her approved exercise. I let her know it went great and thanked her for her wisdom! I informed her a few of the PAX seem curious if your going to Q one morning. She said………..”HMMM, maybe.” YOU asked for it. May god help us all! I’ll stay in fatsack that morning!

Big week – #100 tomorrow @ #Mary! Thanks to the brave fellas who brought F3 into our lives! See you in the gloom!



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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Great Q, Wilson! The overnight news that LeSean McCoy will be a Buffalo Bill gave you unparalleled excitement so early. I’m a big fan of the PeterGabriels…sadly it looks like our 100th workout also looks to be Peter Gabriel themed: #RedRain rather than #DiggingInTheDirt

  2. Good work Wilson. That was the worst (oh, I mean best) 6 Minutes of Mary ever. Well done!