Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Amphitheater highlights Johnny Cash


10 Faithful and 1 FNG posted in the Gloom at Dogwood Dell,


Mosey to First Cop

15X DonQuixote

15X Deep Knee Bends

15X Imperial Walkers

15X Merkins

Mosey to field for the beast

6X Merkins, LBC, Werkins,  SSH, Finger Tip Merkins, Steel Jacks- 6 total reps
Mosey over to – pull ups and dips 3 sets of 10 each .
Mosey to – theatre -Bear Crawl to top,  10 SSH at every level back down,  repeat 3 Times

Ring of Fire 10X Merkins,  5X Merkins

Mosey to the flag .



TClaps to Wedding Singer for hitting the 5th workout of the Week!

Welcome to Sippy Cup, hope to see you at more workouts,  Dogwood dell appears to be across the street from his neighborhood,  He was EH-ed a few weeks ago when he was out for a run near Dogpile,

The First COP was rather silent,  apparently Friday night went longer than most of the PAX had planned.   The Beast in the snow continues to be a high hurdle for the PAX to manage, especially when the field is twice the normal distance. Kudos to Swirly for running through the workout in Boots, not running shoes.

When we wrapped up the SSH Marathon in the Amphitheater,  Swirly lead the group to a Ring of Fire with Fist Merkins.  Toga preceded beat down anyone within earshot his rendition of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire, several others chimed in.  After the first round,  Swirly, responding to an excited PAX about The Ring of Fire; He made the decision to repeat it.  The singing stopped immediately.

Several members of the PAX headed to Gridiron, Conspiracy warned not to speed, several police cruisers were on I-64.  Thanks to that comment YHC was able to make to the Second AO of the day unscathed.

We will hit a major milestone next Thursday. It will Mark the 100th Workout for F3 in RVA.  Please EH as many people as you can to attend.

Next Workouts

Tuesday NoToll 0530 Huguenot Park

Wednesday Source of Truth 0530 Swift Creek Middle School

Thursday  45 Minutes of Mary 0530 Mary Munford



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  1. Welcome Sippy Cup . Great job this morning pax. I say we bring Johnny Cash back to F3 RVA!
    I am just glad BT made it out alive after the Otis Bombs Wilson was dropping on him during pull ups…

  2. There was definitely an added level of difficulty with the Otis Bombs, but 4 days on a guys’ ski trip had me well prepared. See you at #100!