Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Heat Wave strikes a Frosty RVA


7 posted for the run this morning at 0530, Following quickly by 1 LIFO.  Welcome two FRNG(Friday Run New Guy)  33 degrees really did feel like Sunny and 70,  compared to the 1 Degree we had last Friday.


Head to Grove from Shovel Flag,  Turn Right,  Foxes Head to Sauer Ave,  Chasers head across 195 to Thompson.  Both turn and run back to Three Chopt.  and back Around Mary Munford to the Shovel Flag.  That is four miles for the Foxes,  five miles for the Chasers.



TClaps to Wedding Singer for going for the Six pack this week,  We all wondered if Fudd was going to make it this Morning,  Apparently a skiing beat down occurred the day prior, and his legs said “Uncle!”

Toga was back at the run this morning,  He claimed that he was not a “runner.”  YHC stated, “if Toga’s not a runner,  I’m not a walker.”  As Toga’s blistering pace consumed at least three of the Foxes.  YHC wondered who could maintain the quicker pace,  Toga or Fudd,  both caught YHC about the same place on Grove.

TClaps to Pele for making 3 in a row this week,  and making the run that much more interesting in the Gloom.  TYA told Pele that when he arrived at school this morning that he needed to ask his friends what they did before school,  and then explain he just ran four miles before breakfast.

On the loop back to Mary Munford,  YHC found a nice soft patch of ice on the sidewalk, and decided with baseball season was right around the corner,  YHC should practice sliding into second base; I am sure it was graceful.   A women, across the street,  was kind enough to ask if I was alright; which was slightly awkward when I explained that I was mad that I had been caught by the two chasers; and displaying the angst  of my natural competitiveness;  but physically, I was fine from the fall on the ice.

Thanks for LugNut and Swirly Coming down to Cary Street Road to pick me up on the Run back to the Shovel Flag.  #NeverLeaveAManBehind

Post COT

Toga asked The Scream how the Art Show went,  YHC thinks he may have been more curious about the up and coming T-Shirt deign for F3 RVA.

The Pace of a few foxes is definitely increasing,  we may have to break into multiple categories, Foxes, Squirrels, and things that like to chase Foxes and Squirrels.  YHC is sure there are Clydesdale divisions of all of these.

It was noted that we are coming up on our 100th workout next Thursday,  and to try and get as many folks out as possible next Thursday.

Workouts Tomorrow

DogPile 0600 – Dogwood Dell

Gridiron 0700 –  Pouncey Tract Park



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  1. I really tried to outrun the hounds today only to be caught by, a not even close to gassed, Toga with a little over a mile to go. Wedding Singer rolls by at the mid-point with plenty of gas in the tank. It seems I remember him saying he couldn’t run 2 miles. I’m thinking he’s really a hustler but forgot to put a wager on the run. Well done to all.

  2. Way to go pax = great run this morning. Pele you are awesome dude ! Bleeder glad you ok bro – by the way – you were safe ! See y’all in the am.

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great run. Running by myself is absolute torture. These friday runs are a blast. Great to see the progress in the group. Every week, everyone gets faster and we go further #ISI