Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dodgeball with Snowballs


7 faithful posted for a morning of fun in the snow.  By the time the PAX arrived, about four inches of new snow had falllen, another inch or so fell during the beatdown.

The Thang:

Mosey to far side of tennis courts.  SSH x 20, Snow Angels x 20, Seal Jacks X 20, LBC X 20.  Mosey to first tennis court.  Shovel a straight line across the court at eight paces from net.    Split into two teams.  Fudd, TYA and Chum Bucket on team one, Bleeder, Pele, Swirly and Wedding singer on team two.  Next exercise is “Dodgeball with Snowballs”, you must stay within the 8 yard snow shovel line.   Three rounds.  If knocked out, pick up a shovel and continue to shovel the tennis courts.  Team one took the first two battles, but lost in the third.

Mosey to soccer field.  Line up on the end line.  The Beast, dealers choice.  Merkins (TYA), Rosalita (Bleeder), Burpees (Chum Bucket), LBC (Fudd), Seal Jacks (Pele), Freddy Mercury (Wedding Singer) while waiting for PAX assume Al Gore position.  Mosey back to tennis courts, back into Dodgeball teams for Triple check.  First member sprint to other end line and back, second member plank, third member shovel tennis court.  Mosey back to virtual shovel flag.  COT and prayer and off to the day.


Since the Q has such a unique skill at side straddle hops, he decided that he would try as many versions of this simple exercise to begin the workout as possible.  We did regular SSH followed by SSH on the ground (aka snow angels) and finally Seal Jacks.  Despite his best efforts, TYA was unable to properly execute on any of the variety of SSH’s.  Lots of laughing and diverting of the eyes to avoid more laughing.  YHC is trying to improve this skill….but with no success.  May need to go back to grade school for some remedial training.

Wedding Singer, Chum Bucket and Fudd showed considerable skill in the dodgeball challenge.  At one point Fudd was the sole surviving member against all four on the other team.  TYA, confident in his snowball and dodgeball skills was eliminated in about 2 seconds in the first round by Bleeder.

Chum and the Wedding singer discussed whether they were heading to work for the day.  After thinking about having just driven to the AO and given that their office was not further away, they decided it would be hard to justify not going to work because of bad driving conditions.   All stayed around for a few minutes of Second F in the driving snow.  Fellowship is a powerful thing.

TYA, Pele, and Bleeder made a quick trip to Starbucks after the workout.  We walked into the Starbucks, straight to the counter where Bleeder asked “are you open”.  The Barista (and TYA) were a little dumbfounded by the questions, but moved on.  Bleeder explained to TYA that a coworker of his had gone into Hardees during the snowstorm the week before, walked up to the counter only to be told that they were closed.  His coworker had to go outside, get in his car and go through the drive through lane to get his food.  He tried to explain to the Hardee’s employee that they clearly did not understand the concept of OPEN, but to no avail.

TYA and Pele spent some time after the workout shoveling driveways in TYA’s neighborhood.  In all we cleared three driveways in about a half an hour.  M TYA became the real hero of the day when she offered up homemade chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate milk.  After devouring 10 pancakes between them Bleeder arrived, luckily M TYA had anticipated his arrival and had more hot pancakes ready.  At one point during the meal, Pele spilled his chocolate milk on the table.  Despite TYA and TYA’s M trying to clean things up Pele insisted that he clean it up himself.  He did, with the sleeve of his sweatshirt.  Awesome to be 11.

Three are still alive to match Lugnut’s six pack from last week.  Fudd, Wedding Singer and TYA have made the first three workouts of this week.  Three more to go to complete the six pack.  Good luck all.


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  1. I was waiting all bundled up for a GMC 4×4 to scoop me up……………oh well! Maye my little car can get out for Saturday’s workout….or playtime!

  2. Wedding Singer on

    Great workout TYA! Thought we might make it through a beast without burpees, but Chum always likes to press the accelerator. Pretty cool seeing our trails still in the snow the past few days. Pointing it out to Mrs. Singer, she wasn’t impressed. tomatoes.

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Too funny wedding singer. I pointed out to mrs TYA and my two daughters. A hearty yawn was given by all three. Tomatoes