Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where’s the Bus?


The PAX was 7 strong entering the Gloom.  Here’s how at went down…

The Thang

Mosey to the side of the bus loop


20x SSh

20x LBC

15x Mountain Climbers

20x Imperial Walkers

Mosey to front steps


30, 25,20,15,10 jump steps

10, 15,20,25,30 dips

Mosey to basketball courts

King of Hearts

1st basketball court, reg. suicide (2x)

Climb hill for 50 lbc

2nd court, backward suicide (2x)

Climb hill for 50 lbc to plank

3rd court, reg. suicide (2x)

Climb hill for 50 lbc

4th court, slides (2x)

Climb hill for 50 lbc to plank

Mosey to bus loop

Ascending Curb Crawl

Bear crawl to opposite curb 1 derkin

BC to opposite curb 2 derkins

And so on to 13

Johnny Cash

Pax circles and holds plank position while each member rotates through 5 merkins



Props to all that came out this fine morning.  We had an opportunity to explore the AO a little more and enjoy some of what it has to offer.

YHC was looking forward to finishing the conversation with DK about the “little people” at the birthday party his wife attended in Europe.  TYA asked if DK’s wife was 6’7” and therefore was DK a little person?  Maybe one day we will find out the answer to one of life’s little mysteries.

Pele posted once again and saw little challenge in the beatdown YHC was trying to deliver.  It is also noted that the young man has not seen the movie Pet Detective, which seemed odd until I realized he is 11 and the movie was released 21 years ago.  WOW!

Wedding Singer continues to bring it big time!  He is going for the 6 pack this week.  Go get it!

Fudd effortlessly cruised through the suicides and curb crawl.  YHC is going to have to work a little harder to find a way to smoke Fudd.  He did offer a ride to the Monument 10k for the first 6 interested.  Evidently he has VIP parking.

Of course it was nice to see Bleeder & TYA cross the border again.  Evidently the quotas have been reached and the county cannot allow any additional city dwellers, otherwise I’m sure we would have seen Toga.  YHC does find it amusing to poke at him since he does not read the backblast!

Oh yeah, the bus did come through at 0621.

Have a good one!


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  1. Nice job Lug Nut. Pele did remark that the Curb Crawl was hard; He did wonder how TYA could bear crawl in standing position; actually, I was also wondering that myself.

  2. great workout Lug! glad to see the double suicides made it into rotation again. I was hoping for the six pack but I fear my hip flexors may have been exhausted from the double slides.

  3. I need to work on my ascending curb crawls so I can keep up with Fudd. Way to go this morning, gents. I took an unintended tour of the AO by turning at the sign that said “Swift Creek Middle School”…don’t be fooled.

    Pulling a 6’7” English bird sounds like a difficult, yet attractive challenge…she thinks we’re a bunch of colonists anyway.

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Apparently standing bear crawls and out of sync SSH’s run in my family. Sorry to other PAX who didn’t draw from my lucky gene pool.

    Great workout lug. Curb crawls are evil!

  5. @Lug Nut, I do read the backblasts regularly, and it should also be noted that I don’t technically live in the city. That said, I’m not sure I’ll ever drive down to Petersburg for this workout. Great job getting it going.

  6. Looking forward to getting back in town to post! Looks like you guys are delivering some sufficient pain, and I laughed out loud at the standing bear crawls.