Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Enter Olaf- “imagine how much cooler I’ll be in summer”


Wow it was cold!  Wow we still had 14 post, and wow that we had an FNG on the coldest day so far!  14 (including the newly anointed Olaf) posted for frigid fun at 45MoM, and here’s how it went down:

Run the loop around the school grounds for warm-up: 10 merkins, 20 SSH, 10 werkins, 20 180 jump squats (cadence was dropped due to Q not being able to follow his own cadence), 10 clerkins, 25 LBC

Mosey to soccer field for: run to far side 10 burpees, run back, 10 squats, repeat 3x

Round 2= run to other side of field for 10 diamonds, run back for 10 mtn climbers, repeat 3x

Mosey to tennis court (I think it was under the snow and ice?) for triple check= p1 runs, p2 LBCs, p3 people’s chair with arms out, repeat rotation 3x

Mosey to flag for COT


Yes, call the whambulance, but it was cold when we started, sort of got less cold in the middle, and then got colder in spite of the ball of man at the end.  I say all that to emphasize the fact that we still had 14 post for winter games.  Great job PAX!  We also welcomed FNG Olaf to the mix, and he’s got to be crazy.  Who posts for their first when the windchill is -2, #WildMan?

Speaking of snowmen, the PAX as a whole looked like an 80s ski movie.  Pelosi noted that he hadn’t worn his ski pants since the 80s, #Rad.  YHC also heard from one F3 wife that one of the PAX was uncertain about the effectiveness of these workouts in the snow.  YHC accepts the challenge and will fix that wagon at DogPile.



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  1. Great wintery workout! Looks like we will be getting used to these white workouts for a bit longer. Better yet, I am looking forward to the wet/muddy workouts when it melts. Oh yeah – @bleeder you missed some snow to run over on your way out!

  2. I thought the workout was entirely effective. I didn’t know who was inside of most of those 80s ski outfits until the COT at the end. Time flies when you’re having fun; I couldn’t believe how late it was when we finished at the soccer field (aka the snow plains). T-claps to @Olaf for getting out there the first time on a day when it was almost impossible to get out of the #fartsack!

  3. Colder than a well diggers ___ ! Glad I had my daughters pink gloves today..
    My legs are crushed Toga – hope I’ll be able to move them for the cold run tomorrow.

  4. All the extra gear may affect good form, but it more than makes up for it with the extra effort involved #heavyboots. Pretty funny that the snow shows how many of us can’t run in a straight line.

  5. @BrainTumor, No, none of us can run in a straight line, but today was much worse because we were sticking to the paths made by our direction challenged brothers.

  6. I was following @Loosegoose! His lines were straight as an arrow. Even without feeling in his ankles!

  7. My lines were most definitely not straight. I just followed the same curved line each time, that made the latter runs easier as the snow got more packed down.

    By the way, @Toga, where was the exercise “Build a Snowman”???

  8. Chum Bucket was straight as an arrow – dude made a clear cut path to the tree line and stuck with it..

  9. Felt 70 & sunny but with some serious attitude, @wilson just trying to widen the path for tomorrow’s run, I am certain we will have a larger than normal group of Cyldesdales coming out to run with the PAX

  10. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    I drove by the AO in daylight and although the the lines were not straight, it was pretty apparent that we had made out mark! Looked really cool to see 14 lines in the field of snow