Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How far does this AO go?


Lug Nut planted the shovel flag in the frozen ground, and waited to see if he was the only one to show up. Shortly before start time, there was a Q sighting, and before all was said and done, 4 faithful PAX enjoyed some great fellowship and a good beatdown


COP: SSH x20, Merkins x10, Flutter Kicks x15, LBCs x20, Imperial Walkers x20
Mosey North along Pouncey Tract to Striker Park
Dirty MacDeuce: do 12 reps of 3 exercises IC and then run a lap.
– Merkins, Hello Dolly, Jump Squats
– CDD, Rosalita, Alternating Leg Lunges
– Peter Parker Push-ups, WW2 Sit-ups, Calf Raises
– Plank with jump up to hands and back, Reverse Crunches, Burpees
Mosey back to field in front of the school.
Kak-a-Laky Choo Choo – all PAX line Up along the sideline, with everyone side-by-side in the plank position. Last man in line gets up and hops over the legs of each PAX in the line and then planks at the end. Continue with each man until the plank line reaches the other sideline of the field. Turn back around and go approximately halfway back across the field
Mosey to the wall in front of the school
Triple Check
– First time: one PAX runs to cone and back, one PAX planks, remaining two PAX do People’s Chair. Once runner returns, rotate. Each group does each exercise 1x
– Second and third time: one PAX runs to cone and back, one PAX planks, remaining two PAX do Balls to the Wall. Once runner returns, rotate. Each group does each exercise 2x


IHC carried his phone the whole way, with intent to do “Bring Sally Up” again. Time management was not performed well enough to get to it.

Incidentally, the Q felt a phantom buzz in his pocket, thinking it was @Viral calling to say he was lost on the way there. No buzz, no Viral. Phantom buzz continued through the day on Saturday.

T-claps to @Fudd for doubling up — coffee & donuts at #DogPile, and then killing it during the second half of the workout here.

Perhaps the first time that 100% of the PAX went for coffee afterwards? Great fellowship and the caffeine helps to offset the tendency to make it a lazy Saturday post-workout.

On this Valentine’s Day weekend, don’t forget to show your peeps that you love ’em!

@Lug Nut has laid out the challenge to the Richmond PAX — Can you hit all 6 workouts this week to call it a “6-Pack”? HDHH counts as bonus!


NoToll – 5:30AM Tuesday at Huguenot Park. Q needed!

<To Be Named> 5:30AM Wednesday – New workout at Swift Creek Middle School. Lug Nut Q

HDHH – American Tap Room at Willow Lawn, 5-7PM on Wed 2/18

45MoM – 5:30AM Thursday at Mary Munford Elementary. Q needed!

RAMM – 5:30AM Friday at Mary Munford Elementary

DogPile – 6:00AM Saturday at Dogwood Dell

GridIron – 7:00AM Saturday at Pouncey Tract Park



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  1. Great job, fellas! Sorry it took way too long to get this BB posted. Maybe I should blame it on @Conspiracy’s influence…?

  2. Way to double up @Fudd! I was upset on the drive home not to do the same! 🙁 Gonna try to get the six pack this week! Who else will do the same? Looking forward to Wednesday @ Swift Creek! I bet @lugnut brings the pain…….damn basketball courts!

  3. Good workout Loose Goose. As the senior member of the PAX I can honestly say that you youngsters did a fine job. I appreciate the fact you did not go to the push-a-rama when it was just 2 of us, that certainly would have not ended well for me.