Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Poles, Pillars, and Monkey Rolls


Five of the Faithful initially posted for the ShovelFlag planting in the #gridiron Gloom and were soon joined by four more Faithful who needed an additional dose of #redpill after a solid #dogpile #beatdown.  The temperature was a refreshing 20 degrees.


Mosey to front Diamond for COP:
Welcome and Disclaimer
20x SSH, 20x Freddy Mercury’s, 20x Don Quixote’s, and 20x Squats

Mosey to LF Pole for Pole to Pole/1B to 3B circuits:

Run to RF Pole and 10 Burpees
Karaoke or back run to 1B skin edge
Sprint to 3B skin edge and 10 jump squats
Karaoke or back run to LF Pole and planks

Run to RF Pole and 10 Imperial Walkers
Karaoke or back run to 1B skin edge
Sprint to 3B skin edge and 20 LBCs
Karaoke or back run to LF Pole and planks

Lunges to RF Pole and planks
High skip to LF Pole and planks

Mosey to the “Pillars” for OYO 40s –

Merkins and Imperial Squat Walkers
30/10, 25/15, 20/20, 15/25, 10/30 with
Slalom run the Pillars between each set


Mosey to GridIron for:

Monkey Rolls (sort of, see Moleskin)
100 yard Lunge
Planks finale

Mosey to ShovelFlag for COT


TClaps to Lug Nut for pushing through a first metatarsal/first proximal phalange malfunction.  He and brother Iron continue to post with All American enthusiasm that belies the Gloom.

Takeaway from the Pole to Poles: Loose Goose is a masterful lunger (despite later musings to the contrary) and Trophy’s high skip performance (kangaroo-like) is worthy of high praise.

Spirited chatter commenced immediately upon the arrival of the Dog Pile crew about half-way through the OYO 40s.  LG kindly instructed Wilson that the sequence of “squat, left knee to right elbow, squat, right knee to left elbow” counted as 1 ISW and not 2.  Conspiracy – demanding that the PAX weave through each Pillar, not every other Pillar – received mixed results with his “reset” attempt concerning the slalom runs.  It was observed that Johnsonville and Donor Kabob blindly succumbed to the brinksmanship; the rest of the PAX faithfully adhered to the Q’s original instructions.

The chatter escalated to smack talk during the Plankorama/6MOM, especially with DK being denied a partner and sent to a Pillar.  But the smack talk was temporarily quieted during the mosey to the Grid Iron end zone as the PAX contemplated the coming Monkey Rolls.  Conspiracy, Wilson, and DK – based on their superior athletic talents (err … age) – were volunteered to demo the exercise.  Despite the advantages of specific, detailed, and patient instruction, the “dream team” performed abysmally and were mocked heartily (uproarious laughter punctuated the mocking) – so bad, in fact, that the PAX called for the BlackTahoe.  Handicapped by exposure to the egregious demo, teams 2 and 3 fared only modestly better.  Let’s just say that improvement is in order – YouTube is reported to show octogenarians expertly executing Monkey Rolls without mouth guards, knee braces, and head protection.

Humility, though, is truly fleeting.  Speed eating his way to the bottom of the pie (humble) plate, one unnamed PAX (the usual suspect) let loose a relentless barrage concerning proper lunge technique as the PAX strained to the opposite end zone to put 6 on the board.

COT announcements included:
–  J’ville made a “last call” for the “Rugged Maniac” – commit now if interested.
–   LG called for Q commitments for coming workouts.
–   The Four State Challenge was discussed generally.  J’ville cautioned against participation by anyone other than the most virile – he discourages the faint-hearted.
–   DK, J’ville, and Earthworm (maybe others) visiting “The Priest” tomorrow for a “confessional” hike with one very steep climb – meet at Daily Grind parking lot in time for prompt 0500 departure.

LG closed with a strong prayer of acknowledgment, gratitude, and supplication.  Amen.

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

(Jville posing for Earthworm)


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  1. Fun in the cold! Well done @Earthworm! I think much of the #mumblechatter came from the Q himself, starting with the disclaimer

  2. The backblast didn’t do the 6MOM justice…my stomach is still aching…even though I spent 20 seconds of the 6MOM in the fetal position, questioning my place in a dark, cruel world.
    Good Q, Earthworm!