Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“BeastMode” Waxing Nostalgic



16 Faithful and one FNG posted at #45MOM to enjoy a crisp and refreshing Gloom mixed with a little bit of pain and glorious suffering.  The PAX was strong!

The Thang:

Mosey to the center of the soccer field that borders Cary for a warm-up COP:

SSH x 20, Windmills x 20, Slow Deep Squat x 15, Merkins x 15, LBC x 20, all in cadence.  Mosey to the Chin-up station to begin the “Toga Circuit.”

The circuit consists of 4 teams at 4 stations: chin-ups x10, pull-ups x10, dips x10, Derkins x10.  Each team runs to next station once exercise is completed.  Repeat x 3.

Mosey back to soccer field for “The Beast.”  Merkins x 36, Deep Squats x 36, Lunges x 36 (18 each leg), LBC x 36

1 full Suicide sprint on soccer field, then run back to shovel flag for COT.


Welcome, FNG Viral!  We hope that you enjoyed the AO and look forward to seeing you back again, and again, and again.  Much like Swirly, who continues to earn the Gold Star for attendance since his first post.  YHC was in a nostalgic state of mind as he planned the workout, longing to challenge the PAX with a “ProBowl” highlight reel of proven past workouts.  The day started with a spirited pre-post smacktalk session about the Super Bowl.  The PAX has a loud (albeit very, very small) representation committed to the Patriots.  The anti-Pats are quite verbose as well, which set a perfect stage for all to get into “Beast Mode”(partially named for Wilson’s favorite NFL player).

The topic of nicknames came up a few times, and there are several classics that live in infamy and/or the #fartsack (#Stifler’sMom, #InaBox).  YHC and TYA determined that while we love them, the #M just don’t understand the significance of a good nickname.


Toga was particularly energized this morning.  Maybe it was the fresh air or the use of his Circuit namesake.  Maybe it was the inability of the QIC to properly administer the Beast (x 42 Merkins?), and maybe it actually wasn’t Toga at all, but some other #PAX member named #TheHeckler from a distant, yet unheard of F3 Nomad region that likes to run fast with Wilson and blast out pull-ups.  It was pretty dark out there in the gloom, after all.  We’ll borrow Donor Kebab’s baby Bjorn and saddle him with Conspiracy next time.

I enjoyed leading you today, men.  I’m looking forward to a 4-mile ride in a grocery cart powered by #BleederRacing tomorrow at RAMM.  See you in the Gloom.

–  Brain Tumor


RAMM: 5:30am tomorrow morning                                                                                                         Dogpile: 6am Saturday                                                                                                               GridIron: 7am Saturday

–  Get commitments to Johnsonville re: Rugged Maniac (May 2) by Saturday                                       –   Group leaving this Sunday morning @ 5am sharp from Daily Grind to hike “The Priest.”  Contact       Johnsonville.  Will be back in time for Super Bowl.                                                                             –  Hardywood 4Miler on April 26.  Register under “F3 Richmond” if interested.






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  1. Didn’t we do that once before? Not sure it was very effective. I asked for a weighted vest for my b-day. We’ll see if that does the trick.

  2. Great Q Brain Tumor. The chest is tight and sore this morning from some much needed pull-up work.

  3. I guess that makes me Dr Evil and makes Conspiracy Mimi-Me. Classic. Not as classic as Toga’s JACKED UP circuit, though. Great workout. Nobody even noticed that it was 24 degrees…

  4. Well said DK! It’s funny how these 20ish mornings are now a normal part of business, and you don’t think about it after you get moving. Hopefully it will stay the same as we get back closer to zero. TClaps to Tumor for a solid workout, and yes, full #TheHeckler was ready yesterday. He’ll see you Saturday at #DogPile.

  5. The mental image of @DK carrying @Conspiracy in a baby bjorn is perfect. Great job, @BrainTumor, with the Q, I started getting sore yesterday evening.

    Side note: #TheHeckler could give my 3-yr old daughter a run for the chatterbox award

  6. I just texted Loose Goose and said I feel like I fell out of a tree today and hit every branch.

    Thanks for the encouragement from everyone for this FNG! I’ve got a long way to go but will definitely be back next week for my next dose of serious ass-kicking!