Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Monkey Blimps


bad monkey

10 Faithful posted for a wet, extra gloomy Saturday morning in strip mall nation…and welcomed 2 belated Faithful who double dipped at DogPile (DD).

Lug Nut on Q

Slaughtor Starter – everyone must do before beginning
10 burpees

Mosey to the bus loop circle

20x SSH
21x lbc
20x imperial walkers
20x don quixotes

mosey to back baseball field

Escelator Pusharama – baseball field backstop
10 x merkins
lap around the infield

20 x merkins
lap around infield

30 x merkins
lap around infield

mosey to softball field backstop

Escelator Cruncharama – softball field backstop

30 x lbc
lap around the infield

40 x lbc
lap around infield

50 x lbc
lap around infield

60 x lbc
lap around infield

Bonus 70 x lbc

mosey to front of school

Ascending Curb Crawl

Bear Crawl to opposite curb 1 derkin
BC to opposite curb 2 derkins
and so on to 13

mosey to bottom of hill at track

Triple Nickle

Run uphill 5x Monkey Humpers (ankle grab squat)
Run downhill 5x squat jumps

mosey up to the track


100 yd Sprint x 3
250m for sprinters
150m for power runners

Q to Döner Kebab

Mosey to Bus Lane and line up at sign.

Blimps to island, moving forward as a group at a snail’s pace
5 burpees (hop forward for squat jump), 10 lunges each leg, 15 merkins, 20 imperial walkers, 25 bear crawl strides
(~150 yards took 2.5 cycles)

Mosey to drop-off line parking for 4MOM
X’s & O’s
Flutter Kicks

Mosey back to shovel flag


A damp morning greeted the PAX and Johnsonville took full advantage of the opportunity to return to first grade. Not a water pond was missed as he splashed his way through the morning.

Johsonville continued to impress by disregarding the Q’s instuction’s and taking an extra lap after DK’s 60 lbc’s. The PAX enjoyed a bonus 70 lbc’s afterwards.
YHC believe J’ville was enjoying his speedy lbc/run combo in an effort to show off for the ladies. Wait there were no ladies?

Iron was attempting to motivate a fartsacking and still gloveless Flintstone mentioned there’s a woman’s group that might be a better fit. Flintstone’s retort was a little less than F3 worthy. We hope to see you soon Flintstone!

Impressive speed continues to come from the legs of Wilson & Conspiracy. We may need to do a post race tech on their shoes next time. Nice job!

Iron was especially disappointed that we weren’t closer to the road when we did the monkey humpers.

Impressive attendance this morning considering YHC drove through driving rain and snow on the way.


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  1. Good stuff, that sure was a beat down! Beware of overachieving on the first iteration of any exercise that Lug Nut introduces!

  2. A beat down it was! @consiracy inflated his soles for a better glide across the track! LOL Next time…….