Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Heart ache by the hundreds


17 strong and brave faithful posted for 45 Minutes of Mary this morning.  The Gloom was in its full glory this morning, with ample fog to please all.  Approximate visibility 100 yards.  Weather in Q’s mind: 70 degrees and sunny!

The Thang:

Mosey to tree line at corner of Cary and Commonwealth, disclaimer, COP.  25x mountain climbers, 25x windmills, 30x little baby crunches, 20x Merkins (Note, no side straddle hops done as warm up — maybe the first time they were not done at the initial COP in F3 history?)

Mosey to corner of tennis courts and 1/4 mile gravel track.  One K, Five K:  pair up, first pax runs 1/4 mile, second starts on set of exercises.  Exercises are 100 squat jacks, 200 merkins, 300 lbc, 400 flutter kicks, done in order (total of 1,000 reps per team).  When first pax returns, switch.  Each PAX did 5 or six laps (team total about a 5K).

6 Minutes of Mary, dealers choice.  Flutter kicks x 30, Rosalita’s x 25, LBC x 30, Superman x 2

COT and out into the day


The benevolent Q provided music during the exercise portion of the 1K 5K.  Music selection was a hit.  Shakira, Eminem, and the ever popular Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five.  TYA knows every word of the 5 minute plus original rap song The Message (Its like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under)  Music during the 6MOM was not so helpful.  Trying to do exercises in cadence while music is playing is nearly impossible.

Johnsonville attempted a flying EH at the beginning of the workout.  The EH was not immediately successful.  Maybe a soft commit for next time JVille?

Several of the tandems finished the 1,000 exercises in the 1k, 5K.  Again, the benevolent Q showed up and allowed the teams that finished early to work their way back down the exercises.  Not sure, but I think the team of Johnsonville and Fudd made it all the way up and all the way back down (1,700 reps).  Great work by all, given that we had no breaks for a majority of our workout.

Several deflation jokes made at the beginning of the workout.  Patriots fans TYA and Pucker absorbed the ribbing.  We could have used some additional moral support from Wedding Singer.

The PAX continues to get stronger and stronger.  Cannot wait to see our progress after 6 months…one year.  Pleasure to be given the opportunity to lead the group this morning!




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  1. Bummed I missed TYA’s Q! Oh yeah Brady & Belichick got caught. #cheatriots See you Saturday!

  2. Well Done TYA! Great workout today! Was the Fog in the air part of The Game plan? Definitely pushed the PAX, The Colts probably would have blamed somebody for the air being to dense.

  3. Good work TYA. I did notice the lack of SSH’s, unfortunate as they are my favorite part of any TYA beatdown. Excellent music selection and killer jacket!

  4. Way to go, fellas! I didn’t make it after the BrewThru the night before. @Wedding Singer got his fair share of ribbing on Wed, and I’m sure there is more to come!

  5. That was sone enjoyable pain. Sounds like Wilson would have liked the Belichick Burpees. Tomorrow is shaping up to be moist with a chance of deluge.