Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fox Escapes?


7 men arrived for the RAMM in the Gloom,  4 Chasers and 3 Foxes.

The Thang

YHC explained the routes,  Lug Nut, Swirly and YHC would be the Foxes, they would run to Grove and turn Left, and run to Three Chopt, Everyone else would turn right and run to Hamilton and then Run to Three Chopt. and then all run back around Mary Munford to the #ShovelFlag.  The Fox Chase was on!



#Tclaps to Swirly second day and tackling the run!

YHC did ask the group if there were any other 10:00 plus pacers in the group,  Lug Nut and Swirly volunteered to keep the pace with me.  As soon as we turned left on Grove,  Lug Nut exclaimed that for the next 40+ minutes, that he would have to hate the Chasers for added motivation.  That plan worked well,  he was the only Fox not to be caught;  although when the PAX arrived at the finish,  Lug nut was no where to be seen around the #ShovelFlag.  TYA went on a search and rescue mission and found him.( TYA is much better at looking for people vs. Blocks)  Looking for that motivation, whether conceptualizing fear of death being a fox, or Hatred of the Chasers,  you have to pick your own thought process that drives you.  Nice Work, Lug Nut!

There were several other groups running on Grove,  Swirly and YHC noticed the Head lamps at a distance from one larger group appeared to be coal miners running to work.

When The Scream and TYA caught YHC, YHC could not tell who had been keeping the strong pace,  When asked, both of them thought the other was the stronger runner,  I think that’s how they maintained the 8:50 – pace.  Great Job!

Loose Goose and Brain Tumor both Kotter’s for the run.  “Welcome Back!”  Loose Goose didn’t seem to know what his pace would be,  TYA quickly spoke up and said,  your coming with the Chasers.  YHC agreed with that Decision.  If LG had come with the Foxes,  he would have been the only one carrying a Block.

Swirly was wondering after the COT if he could get a new pair of legs for the Rest of the Day. They’ll be at Byrd Park in the Morning.


1/17 #Dogpile(ByrdPark/Dogwood Dell) 0600

1/17 #Gridiron (Pouncey Tract)  0700

1/20 #noToll (Huguenot Park) 0530

1/21 Brew Thru  Starts at Strange Ways Brewery 1800

1/22 #45MinutesofMary (Mary Munford) 0530


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  1. Good run this morning, men! My legs are more sore from this already than I have been from any workout in awhile

    @Lug Nut – glad TYA found you, because my legs didn’t have enough left to help with a search party…

  2. No doubt. Solid work, and I find myself having to get up and walk around the office frequently to work out the pain. Lug Nut is primed for the Brewthru.

  3. Well done guys, my legs are smoked. The sprint back to the shovel flag after my rescue almost did me in.

  4. It’s been 20 years since I have run that far…. My thanks to all who participated this morning for all of the encouragement and support. I thought – hey I made it – not bad.. Then I had trouble getting out of my car after the short ride home ! Feeling the burn for sure today… What a great morning !